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Turnitin partners with other rich learning applications to provide customers with an integrated experience using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Turnitin supports and promotes important key standards like LTI and is committed to interoperability.

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(Blackboard plugins are developed in-house by Turnitin) (Moodle plugins are developed in-house by Turnitin)




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LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability, which is a globally recognised standard for integration created by IMS Global. You can find more information about LTI by visiting the official IMS Global LTI website. We partner with LTI 1.1+ certified applications only. Click here to see a full list of LTI certified applications.

If your institution uses a learning application that isn't listed here and you would like to enquire about whether an integration is available, please email our Turnitin Support Team.


If you are a vendor and would like to partner with Turnitin to create an integration for your learning application, please click here to complete the new integration questionnaire. One of the Integrations Team will contact you with more information.

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