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API URL Update - to

This applies to UK integration users only, if you use the service no action is required.​


As you may already know, we have recently changed our URL from to


As you connect to Turnitin through the UK service, and due to your account being currently configured to utilise one of our integration plugins, we have identified that your Turnitin account may be affected by this change. Please note that we are reaching out to all those with a configured integration; this does not necessarily mean that your institution is actively using the integration.


We are unable to guarantee that the URL will continue to function after 31st December 2015.


For Moodle and Blackboard customers, we have included details on how to make this change below.


If you are using a custom integration which was developed by your institution, please forward this page to the individual who is best placed to make this technical change to your institution’s integration.


If you are using a commercial learning management system and can make this change yourself as part of the integration configuration, we recommend you do this before the end of the year. If you can not make this change or do not know how to change the API URL in your integration, please contact your learning management system provider who can assist you.


As you continue to access the URL, we will continue to send regular emails, as a reminder to make this change. If you plan on making this change by the end of the year, please let us know and we will remove you from our email reminder list.




Regardless of the plugin type used by your institution - Basic or Direct - you will need to update your plugin to the version shown below, or any following version. Once downloaded and installed, you can select the new API URL,, in the building block configuration page.


Any version of the plugin prior to the below will cease to function after the 31st December 2015.


  • Basic            -   Upgrade to at least 2.6.4
  • Direct V1      -   Upgrade to at least 20150818
  • Direct V2.5   -   Upgrade to at least 20150813.1

You can download the latest plugin here.


Moodle Basic


Moodle Basic users can simply modify the tiilib.php file and edit the following line to include the new API URL:


define("TII_BASEURL”, '');

Moodle Direct V1


Moodle Direct V1 users can simply change the URL in the site administration page for the plugin to

You can find guidance of where to find this in our Moodle Direct V1 Manual.

Moodle Direct V2


Version 2015040109 of the Moodle Direct plugin, and all subsequent releases, will automatically change the API URL to


You can download the latest plugin here.


Alternatively, you can continue to use your current plugin version, and modify your Moodle  environment’s config.php file by editing the following lines contained within:  


$CFG->turnitinqa = true;
$CFG->turnitinqaurls = array(
Last modified



(not set)