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Creating an Assignment

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The administrator of your LMS/VLE must configure the Turnitin LTI integration before Turnitin assignments can be created. If you have are also an administrator, click here for guidance on configuring the integration.


1. As an instructor, locate your LMS/VLE's 'add LTI tool' functionality (this may also be referred to as an 'external tool').


2. Once you've located this page, you may need to manually enter the URL for the LTI launch. Enter the relevant URL in the LTI launch URL field on the add LTI tool page:


Note: It may be the case that you do not have to enter the URL for LTI launch as this information has been pre-populated by the administrator.

3. Once the Turnitin LTI assignment is added to the LMS course by the instructor the Turnitin assignment interface can be accessed and the assignment settings can be adjusted.

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