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The Account  Administrator  Role

The Turnitin account administrator fulfills a vital role in the effective and easy implementation of Turnitin at an educational institution. Account administrators are able to assist instructors in creating their user profiles and guiding them to the resources needed to use Turnitin as part of their classroom and curriculum. 

There are two types of Turnitin account administrators:

  • Primary account administrator
  • Sub-account administrators

Primary Account Administrator


The primary account administrator serves as a point of contact for information on using Turnitin. This administrator controls a consortium or campus level account and can also assign additional sub-administrators as necessary to oversee specific campuses or departments. An account can only have a single primary account administrator.


Note: Not all accounts will have sub-account administrators. Individual and departmental accounts are assigned a primary account administrator only.

Sub-Account Administrator


The sub-account administrator provides direct support to the staff in their sub-accounts. Sub-account administrators have access only to the single campus or departmental accounts they are assigned, though a single user profile may serve as sub-administrator for multiple campuses or departments as needed. 

A sub-administrator can meet the direct support needs of the accounts assigned on a day to day basis. 

Manage listserv lists


The manage listserv lists option on the user info page of the administrator, allows the administrator to control subscription to the e-mail sent from Turnitin to the registered administrator e-mail address. The three e-mail types sent are: 


  • Priority Announcements - important events such as scheduled downtimes and major product changes
  • General Announcements - minor product changes, surveys, forum questions, and updated materials
  • Administrator Discussion Forum - A discussion group for Turnitin administrators that allows the administrators to send and receive e-mail to other Turnitin administrators, addressing Turnitin-related topics


While subscription to any of the lists is optional, receiving the Priority Announcements will allow administrators to be aware of the need to inform their faculty and staff of any scheduled downtimes or major changes to any of the Turnitin products that are in use at the institution.


1. Click on the User Info button on the navigation bar at the top of the page



2. Find the 'Manage listserv lists' link at the bottom of the page



3. You can use the checkboxes to select which announcements you'd like to receive. Once you've selected your listserv options click submit.


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