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Blackbaud onCampus


Blackbaud’s learning management system for K-12 schools is LTI compliant. Therefore, TurnItIn can be enabled for onCampus. Teachers and other faculty use onCampus to organize and share educational resources, assignments, and grades with students and parents.


"ON" Integration


Add the tool to Core > Settings and then enter:


•         TurnItIn as the Provider Type,


•         the Launch URL,


•         your Consumer Key and Shared Secret.


Then select Save to make the tool available for teachers. When teachers add new assignments to onCampus, they can enable the TurnItIn tool for File Submissions.


For additional details on LTI and onCampus, view the Online Help for Blackbaud K-12. (<---------Link:<wbr/>files/support/helpfiles/<wbr/>education/k12/full-help/<wbr/>Content/bb-oncampus-<wbr/>learningtools.html)


To learn more about Blackbaud’s cloud software, services, data intelligence, and expertise for educational institutions, please

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