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Creating a Turnitin LTI Assignment in Blackboard

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Providing you've configured Turnitin LTI in Blackboard, you can quickly create a Turnitin LTI assignment in Blackboard.


To create a Turnitin LTI assignment in Blackboard, ensure that you have first created a Blackboard course (External)


1. Navigate to the Blackboard Courses tab and open the course you would like the assignment to be created in.



Note: If you are unable to see the course, please check that you have created a Blackboard course and that you are enrolled in this course.


2. Select the Content link from the side panel






3.  You will be shown all active assignments in the course. To add a new assignment you must first turn editing mode on. Select Edit Mode Is: OFF to turn editing to on.



4. Select the Assessments drop down list. When creating your LTI Placement the administrator chose a name for Turnitin LTI to be known as. We recommended 'Turnitin LTI Assignment' select this now. 



5. Navigate to the Information section. Enter a name for the assignment into the Name text box. You can now select Submit to complete the assignment creation or continue to fill in optional settings. 



6. Optional settings include:

Attachments: Allows you to attach a file to be shown before Turnitin LTI is opened. The file stays within Blackboard.

Enable Evaluation: Makes no change to on Turnitin LTI.

Permit Users to View this Content: Allows you to hide the Turnitin assignment from other users enrolled on the course. 

Track Number of Views: Provides basic statistics from within Blackboard about how many people have viewed Turnitin LTI.

Select Date and Time Restrictions

  • Display After: Hides the Turnitin LTI assignment until a designated date and time. This is not the same as a Turnitin Assignment's start date. 
  • Display Until: Hides the Turnitin LTI assignment after a designated date and time. This is not the same as a Turnitin Assignment's end or post date.


7. You're in! You can now begin customizing the assignment by clicking the Settings tab. More information about LTI assignments settings is available here.



Note: Don't worry if your assignment inbox is empty. This will soon fill up once your students begin submitting to the assignment.

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