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Important information for account migration

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Please note that if you are migrating data from one Blackboard Basic deployment to another the Blackboard content PK1 IDs may change.  The Turnitin integration uses these IDs to link Turnitin classes, assignments and users to their Blackboard equivalents.  The Turnitin Basic integration is not designed to work after the Blackboard PK1 IDs are changed.

If you create a clone of your current deployment and use this as the basis of the new Blackboard environment, the links to Turnitin will remain intact and function correctly because the PK1 IDs for the users, courses and assignments will be the same.  However if you are archiving courses from the existing deployment and restoring these to the new server installation the primary key IDs will change and therefore the links to the Turnitin service will be broken.

Regardless of which method you use when moving to a new Blackboard Basic integration deployment, instructors can continue to access Turnitin submissions and originality reports from the old deployment directly via the website.  Therefore there is no risk of losing access to your Turnitin data.  

In fact you may not need to migrate your data as it will remain accessible via the Turnitin website.  You can simply setup your new Blackboard instance, install the latest Blackboard Basic plugin and start afresh with new users, courses and assignments.  Please note if you do wish to start afresh you would need to make sure the new deployment is linked to a new Turnitin institutional account ID number.  If necessary you could create a sub account to facilitate this.

If you do need to migrate your data we would advise that you seek assistance from your IT team to see if you can use the clone method to create the new deployment without breaking the Turnitin links.  

If the above approaches do not fit with your goals or purposes, please let us know what your specific objectives and requirements are for the migration.  We could then investigate if there are alternative solutions.


Once the migration is complete you will need to update the webservice URL in the plugin configuration area:


Enter the url your institution uses to access blackboard in the Web Services URL field.url your institution uses to access blackboard in the Web Services URL field.


The url needs to be set to: url needs to be set to: http[s]://<URL to Blackboard>/webapps/turn-plgnhndl-<Your_DB_Instance_Name>/services/TiiBbWebService


For example:


This will ensure the service will continue to work post migration.

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