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Account Statistics

Viewing Account Statistics


Statistics are available for each account and instructor. Statistics tracked include:


  • number of instructors joined to the account
  • number of students enrolled in each class
  • number of papers submitted to the account
  • total Originality Reports generated with a breakdown by the overall similarity index


To display statistics for an account, click the Turnitin Statistics link in the Tools and Utilities section of the System Admin panel.


Statistic Views


The default view shows account statistics for the previous month for the account. To view statistics for a date range, select the starting month and then select the ending month and year for the date range from the date drop down menus. Click Update Statistics to view statistics for the selected range.




If a consortium level account is being used, sub-account information will be displayed. To view a sub-account, click on the account name. When viewing an account, instructors joined to the account will be shown. Clicking on an instructor’s name will display stats for the instructor’s classes.


Entries on the statistics page with a + symbol beside the instructor’s name indicate that multiple instructors have accessed the Turnitin assignments for this course. The primary name listed is the instructor who first created a Turnitin assignment in a course. Place the cursor over the name of the primary instructor to view a list of all instructors who have accessed the Turnitin assignments for this course.


To download the account statistics in Microsoft Excel format, click the export to excel button.


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