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Creating a PeerMark Assignment

PeerMark assignments can only be created if a class has at least one Turnitin paper assignment. A PeerMark assignment requires a paper or review assignment to be ‘based on.’ This allows the PeerMark assignment to have a pool of papers to use as the basis for the peer review. 

The assignment the PeerMark assignment is based on should meet the following criteria: 


  • The due date of the base assignment comes before the start date and time of the PeerMark assignment


  • If anonymity in the review is desired, student submissions should not contain the name of the author in the text or at the top of the paper


Creating a PeerMark Assignment

Step One - PeerMark Settings


1. After logging into Blackboard, select the Courses tab from the menu at the top of the page and switch  Edit Mode on. This toggle can be found in the top right-hand corner.


2.  Select a course from the Course List.



3. From the left-hand navigation, select Content under your course title.



4. The Content page allows you to build content, create assessments or different tools to a module. To add a Turnitin assignment, select the Assessments drop-down menu, then select Turnitin Assignment.



5. Select PeerMark Assignment and click on the Next Step button to begin creating a PeerMark Assignment



6. Select the paper assignment the peer review is based on



7. Select a Point value for the assignment. Select whether to award full points if review is written by placing a check mark in the Award full points if review is written option



8. Next, select the dates for the PeerMark Assignment. The dates the instructor must select are: the start date, the due date, and the post date. The start date is the date students can begin reading papers and writing reviews. The due date prevents students from writing reviews after this date. The post date is the date students will have access to reviews written by their classmates



9. Click the Save & Continue button to continue PeerMark assignment creation


Step Two - Distribution


Selecting the number of papers each student will review:


In step 2 the instructor determines how many papers will be distributed to the students in the course.


1. Click on the Edit link to adjust the number of papers each student will have to review. The default is to have each student review 1 paper automatically distributed by PeerMark



2. Place the number of paper(s) automatically distributed by PeerMark or papers selected by the student to review within the appropriate fields



3. Select whether you would like the student to write a self-review by clicking in the require self-review check box. A 
self review uses the same free response and scale questions the student used to write reviews of their classmates’ papers but the review is for their own paper



4. Click on the Save button to save any changes or Cancel link to cancel any changes



5.  Click Save & Continue to move on to Step 3 of PeerMark assignment creation or to view the advanced distribution options click on the Show more distribution options link



The advanced distribution options allow instructors to choose to exclude student papers from distribution or specify which student papers a student(s) will have to review. PeerMark will automatically distribute papers to students but an instructor may choose specific student pairings which will then add an exception to the PeerMark distribution which will adjust its logic according to the instructor’s rules.


Step Three - Adding Questions to the Review


Step three allows an instructor to choose scale and free response questions for the PeerMark assignment. 

A free response question example would be:

 “What is the thesis of the paper?”

Free response questions allow an instructor to pose these questions for students to 
answer in their peer review and can include minimum length requirements.

A scale question example would be

“How well does the introduction pull you in as a reader? Scale, Not very well to Really well”


Scale questions allow students to rate the paper on instructor chosen areas of writing.

To add questions to a PeerMark assignment click on the Add Question button.


Creating a free response question in PeerMark creation


1. Click on the Add Question button and select Free response 



2. Enter the question in the Question field and enter a value in the Minimum answer length field



3. Once the question and minimum answer length have been entered, click on the Add Question button to add the free response question to the PeerMark assignment


Creating a scale question in PeerMark creation


1. Click on the Add Question button and select Scale



2. Enter the question in the Question field



3. Select the scale size. The highest scale value is 5



4. Enter in the labels for the scale in the appropriate fields. An example for labelling the scale question: “How well 
does the introduction set up the Thesis of the paper?” would be 1: Not very well to 5: Extremely well



5. Click on the Add Question button to add the scale question to the PeerMark assignment



Once the instructor has added all the questions they want to the PeerMark assignment click on the Save & Finish button to complete the PeerMark assignment creation.


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