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Viewing the PeerMark Assignment Inbox

Click on the View/Complete link below the PeerMark assignment to open the PeerMark assignment inbox. The PeerMark assignment inbox displays a list of your students, the number of reviews completed by each student, the students grade for the assignment, and the reviews that each student has written or received. To view the reviews written or received by a student click on the Show details link to the right of the student’s name.



Within the more details of a single student the instructor can view the progress of the student’s reviews or read the student’s completed reviews. All the reviews written for this student’s paper are visible to the right of the student’s submitted reviews.



For more in depth information on using PeerMark please click here.

Please note that not all accounts have purchased the PeerMark product, if PeerMark has not been purchased the PeerMark assignment type will not be available.

Assignment Inbox Navigation Bar


The navigation bar includes:

  • assignment inbox - allows the instructor to quickly navigate back to the assignment inbox
  • edit assignment - by clicking on this menu opens up the assignment options and the instructor has the ability to change features of the assignment at any time
  • libraries - the libraries tab displays the Turnitin assignments created by the instructor. The libraries tab also contains all the PeerMark Question libraries. For more information on the PeerMark question libraries please view our help center article on PeerMark libraries.
  • class stats - The statistics page will list information about the class in a table. The default view of the stats will show the cumulative statistics since the creation of the class. For more information about class stats view Chapter 12 of the Turnitin Instructor manual available at
  • preferences - provides four options that the instructor can customize: default submission type, items per page, file download format, and show page info
  • help - this pull down menu provides links to the knowledge base, user guides, training videos, and the site key


Note: If any changes were made to the user profile, the instructor must click on submit in the top right corner to save the changes

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