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Grade Center Column Relink

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In the rare occasion that your Turnitin Basic Assignment becomes unlinked from the Blackboard Grade Center you are able to relink these columns yourself. You can find the tool within the Course Tools section of the class you'd like to relink. 


1. Navigate to the class containing the assignment you'd like to relink



2. Expand the Course Tools section of the class navigation sidebar. Click Turnitin Basic Tools.



3. In the Turnitin Basic Tools section click on Handler URL Updater


4. There are two columns in the Handler URL Updater. Lineitem and Content Item. Lineitem is the column within Grade Center that you want to relink the assignment to. Content item is the Turnitin Basic Assignment you wish to relink.


5. From the Lineitem column pick the Grade Center column you'd like to relink. Use the ContentID, inside the brackets, to match against the assignment in the next step. 



6. From the Content Item column pick the assignment you'd like to relink. Use the ID, inside the brackets, to match against the Content ID of the Grade Center column you chose is step 5.



7. Click the Update button 


8. If successful you'll be notified on the same screen and can now relink more columns as necessary


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