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Blackboard Basic Release Notes



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 Fixes and enhancements


clipboard_ed815184287dbcd244ccbf9c5eca86446.png No more confusion over the ability to move papers!

As Blackboard Basic adopts a similar user interface to our core service in and, it receives some of the same feature updates (but not all!). We received some reports that Blackboard Basic was incorrectly displaying a "Move To..." button after selecting a paper; however, the ability to move papers between assignments is not an active feature in Blackboard Basic and should not have been visible in the Basic integration. To clear up the confusion, we've removed this button. This change does not require a plugin update!




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 Fixes and enhancements


mfg-labs-iconset_2014-07-29_fire_30_0_3f78c2_none.png Hotfix! Instructors can now access all submissions in Feedback Studio
  Following our latest release, we found that each submission to a Blackboard Basic assignment was assigned the same paper ID on the "Modify Grade" page. This resulted in instructors only having access to one paper in Feedback Studio for multiple students. While this issue had absolutely no impact on students or their grades, it was important we rectified this to allow instructors to view and mark student work. Paper IDs are now assigned correctly!




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What's new


material-icons_3-0-1_autorenew_30_0_3f78c2_none.png Grades automatically update after being applied in Feedback Studio

We've made a welcome change to the grading process! For reassurance that a grade has saved successfully, when an instructor applies a grade in Feedback Studio, then closes the window, this now updates automatically in the Grade Center's Modify Grade page. This change simply saves you from having to refresh the page to see the grade in the "Grade" box.





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 Fixes and enhancements


foundation-icon-fonts_2015-02-16_page-remove_30_0_3f78c2_none.png Feedback files with special characters can be removed successfully

We received reports that, although instructors could upload and access their feedback files successfully, they could not be removed as easily if special characters were included in the filename. The offending special characters included the following:


- ! £ $ % ^ & ( ) _ + @ ~ ' #


We've made a few tweaks to allow special characters in feedback filenames. Feedback files can now be removed at your convenience, regardless of their filename!



material-icons_3-0-1_wrap-text_30_0_3f78c2_none.png When viewing assignments by group, the assignment table is now easier to read

Users adopting Blackboard's new Ultra theme had some trouble viewing assignments by module group. They found that text cells within their table of assignments failed to wrap onto multiple lines (for example, the title column!); this resulted in users being unable to scroll horizontally to view all data in the table. We've made a change so that all table columns now  wrap regardless of theme.


Wrap text is used to describe text that moves onto the next line automatically without having to press the enter or return key. We use text wrapping in tables to contain text within a set area, preventing text from being cut off or difficult to read.



font-awesome_4-7-0_warning_30_0_3f78c2_none.png We've removed Blackboard's unsupported permissions

We've removed and modified some permissions that had been marked as unsupported in newer versions of Blackboard Learn. These permissions were still being requested as part of the Blackboard Basic plugin, and displaying a warning message to users.


Permissions are required to correctly install, display, retrieve and persist data, as well as properly operate within Blackboard. Therefore, we need to keep these permissions up to date to ensure you can use the Blackboard Basic integration as smoothly as possible.



font-awesome_4-7-0_snapchat-ghost_30_0_3f78c2_none.png Anonymous marking is now working as expected

We received several reports that when the 'sync grades' button was selected, this pushed grades to the grade centre immediately, regardless of the fact that anonymous marking was enabled. This was a result of a change in the backend. We've now corrected this issue to ensure that we do not sync anonymized submissions to the grade centre. You must update your version of Blackboard Basic for this fix to take effect!



font-awesome_4-7-0_calendar_256_0_2f78c8_none.png Assignment due dates are now correctly set in the Grade Centre
  When an instructor creates an assignment in Blackboard Basic, an associated column is created in the Grade Centre showing the assignment title. By editing the column information for the assignment, you can opt to set a due date so that it appears in the calendar (among other areas within Blackboard). However, this date wasn't automatically pulling from the Turnitin assignment, allowing manual entry only. Now, it does!
  WarningTriangle_Red (2).png

On March 9th 2018, Blackboard provided an update around displaying Turnitin due dates in the Blackboard app. While Turnitin has completed development for this feature, we're waiting for Blackboard to do the same. Once Blackboard's enhancements are complete, Blackboard will pick up calendar items that have due dates for Turnitin. Until then, please sit tight! More info is available here.



feather_1-1-0_columns_100_1_3f78c2_none.png We'll remove Grade column(s) if a user deletes Basic assignments prior to recycling them

If an instructor copied a course containing Blackboard Basic assignments, then deleted these assignments without recycling them (by clicking the View link), the Grade column(s) remained unnecessarily. We've managed to fix this small peculiarity; now, any Grade column(s) will disappear if this happens in future.




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What's new


font-awesome_4-7-0_bar-chart_256_0_2f78c8_none.png Download class usage statistics

Real-time data is now available as a downloadable .csv file, providing instructors with useful tools to make data-driven decisions within their faculty. Class statistics empower faculties to see class-level trends in submissions and feedback, as well as viewing trends in papers with high similarity scores; this helps to provide targeted instruction to students. Read more.

When on your class homepage you'll find a Statistics tab at the top of the page. Select this tab to start the download.

Best of all, you don't have to update Blackboard basic for the change to take effect!

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