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Blackboard Basic Release Notes Archive


  • Bug fix: no longer will sync anonymous marking submissions
  • Bug fix: no longer update gradebook column settings if setting to display grades to students before the assignment post date doesn't change


  • Added link for instructors to sync grades from Turnitin to Blackboard


  • Bug fixes (500 error on guest access, UTF-8 characters in assignment, IE issues)


  • Added administrator setting to preserve assignment dates on copied assignments


  • Allow for decimal values for grades
  • Allow for file attachment to submissions without supplying a grade
  • Roles with the word "Instructor" are considered Turnitin Instructors
  • Turnitin Assignments show up now if it is the only assignment in the content area
  • Administrators no longer get 500 error page when accessing Turnitin pages
  • Fixed other issues with 500 error pages


  • Fixed issue where users couldn't delete papers from the GradeCenter
  • Fixed Roster Sync issue to support foreign characters
  • Fixed issue where student users couldn't access grade info for Turnitin Assignments created with older versions of the plugin


  • Fixed issue with double breadcrumb in specific versions of Blackboard 9.0 and older plugins


  • Fixed issue where instructors couldn't attach files if grade wasn't assigned
  • Fixed issue where instructors couldn't remove attachments with apostrophes in the name


  • Fixed issue where assignments created with an older version of the plugin couldn't delete comment and feedback files


  • Change download of instructor comment/note files to be more secure


  • Fixed issue where students couldn't view Turnitin papers and reports
  • Fixed issue with viewing Turnitin Assignments by Groups


  • As of version 2.5.17 of our Building Block with Blackboard version 9.0+ we now support custom roles created within Blackboard. What this means is that the base Blackboard course roles (Student, Instructor, TA, Grader, and Course Builder) still work the same as they did before in previous versions of the Building Block. The Student role still will map to the student role in Turnitin and will only be able to view/complete a Turnitin Assignment and view their grades in the grade book. The Instructor, TA, Grader, and Course Builder role will be mapped to an instructor role in Turntiin. They will have access to all the content for the Turnitin Building Block as long as the role has access to the areas where the links and content reside within Blackboard.


  • For custom roles, the main privileges that are of concern are:
    • course.content.CREATE/MODIFY/DELETE/VIEW
    • course.control_panel.view
    • course.gradebook-item.MODIFY


  • Those with the privilege "course.content.CREATE/MODIFY/DELETE" will have the same respective ability with regards to Turnitin Assignments. For example, a role with only the privilege "course.content.CREATE" can only create Turnitin Assignments but cannot edit or remove the Turnitin Assignments. Roles with only course.content.VIEW will be treated as students through Turnitin. Roles with the privilege "course.control_panel.VIEW" will have access to the Turnitin tools that are located in the "Course Tools" section like viewing Turnitin Assignments and Turnitin Assignments by groups. Finally the privilege "course.gradebook-item.MODIFY" is not a privilege that can be granted directly through the Blackboard interface, it is something that is inherited from the base role that the new custom role is copied from. For example, the INSTRUCTOR role has this privilege and so any new custom role copied from it will have the privilege also. But if the new custom role is copied from the COURSE BUILDER role then since this role doesn't have the course.gradebook-item.MODIFY privilege, the new custom role will also not have this privilege. This privilege gives the user the ability to access the Blackboard grade book entries for Turnitin Assignments and give feedback and edit the grade.


  • fix issue with Blackboard 9.1 when students view the gradebook for an assignment and the page title doesn't show correctly
  • updated icons


  • fix for Blackboard 9.1: creating Turnitin Assignments is in the "Create Assessment" area


  • fixed issue with Java error when grading a submission
  • fixed issue with IE7 and vertical scrollbar not showing up


  • fixed issue with students getting a blank page if an instructor user is disabled
  • fixed an issue with IE where the frame height was too small


  • fixed an issue with small fonts with Blackboard 9.1
  • fixed an issue where administrators accessing Turnitin Assignments got a java error instead of the error page


  • fixed a double breadcrumb bar on the submission page for Blackboard 9.0


  • fixed cancelUrl links in Blackboard Gradebook pages
  • added a setting for instructors to choose whether to display grades to students before the assignment post date


  • in view assignments by groups, use current user instead of earliest enrolled instructor
  • fixed recallUrl links for confirmation pages
  • use earliest enrolled TA as the instructor if nobody is enrolled with the instructor role


  • save all files for instructor comments and notes in the directory including the user-created course ID; if the assignment was created using an older plugin (pre-2.x.0), there was a way it could have used the directory including the Blackboard-created primary course ID
  • when looking up files, search in directories using both the user-created course ID and the Blackboard-created primary course ID


  • fixed the jsp:forward call for students to view grades when using Blackboard 9.1
  • fixed a bug when looking up currently attached files if attempt directories don't yet exist


  • fixed a breadcrumb link for students on the submit page to go back to the Content page


  • fixed a link on the page to save grades in the Blackboard Gradebook for submissions to assignments created using an old building block


  • changed the way teacher email is created to support multiple instructor schema


  • added web services URL to configuration page as a setting
  • removed copy button when creating Turnitin Assignments
  • in course copy, set orig ID to first gradebook column ID if there is only one column
  • added support for Grader and Course Builder roles to see Turnitin Assignments as instructors
  • checked that paper ID for 'Clear Attempt' is valid value
  • fixed attempt ID to allow students to view instructor feedback files
  • fix Statistics page to support IE users


  • fix pages to support IE users
  • put Create, Modify, Submit, and View pages all within framesets
  • set size and names for these framesets so that they open completely
  • fix breadcrumbs within these pages to have correct target


  • changed version number according to new numbering scheme to match other versions and their numbering schemes
  • changed the directory in which files that instructors save for comments and notes are stored to include the user-created course ID rather than the Blackboard-created primary course ID. This is how files are stored for normal Blackboard assignments.
  • made changes to accommodate for Blackboard 9
  • fixed breadcrumb bar issues so links don't open new windows or add another breadcrumb bar to the frame
  • fixed links in breadcrumb bar
  • fixed paths to certain images ('OK', 'View') that resided in different places in previous versions of Blackboard
  • created new method to store files for instructor notes and comments because GradebookFileManager functions were deprecated
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