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Important information

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Before installing Turnitin Direct 20130129 please be aware of the following


To install the latest version you must

  • Click “Global Settings” on the building block set up screen
  • In the “Global Settings” screen set the Custom Database Objects level to at least the “Prompt each time a Building Block wants to create custom database objects.”


The latest version of the Turnitin Direct Building Block makes the transition from an embedded Database to Blackboard’s own Database.

Because of this, any existing Turnitin Direct assignments you have will need to be migrated to the new location before they are accessible.


To do this:

  • After installing 20130129 access the “Settings” page for the Turnitin Direct Building Block
  • Click the link ‘Migrate data from courses containing Turnitin Direct assignments’
  • Click the button ‘Read Legacy Course Batch IDs’, which will populate the ‘Course(s) to migrate’ field
  • Click the Submit button and wait for the migration to complete. (This may take some time, depending on the number of courses to migrate)
  • As noted on the Migrate page, if you have a large number of courses, it may be best to break this operation into smaller chunks of courses to avoid sustained use of system resources


Please note that once installed, existing Turnitin direct assignments will not be accessible until they have been migrated, so it would be best to perform this upgrade at a suitably scheduled time.


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