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Viewing the Turnitin Submissions Inbox

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Instructors can view the Originality Reports completed for submitted papers by accessing the Turnitin assignment Submissions Inbox. To do this: Click on the Submissions Inbox tab.



The Submissions Inbox displays a list of papers, grades and the Overall Similarity Index associated with each student who has made a submission to the assignment.


Note: If the assignment has multiple parts you will need to click the expand icon for each student, or click the Show all link at the top left of the inbox.




The columns headings in the assignment inbox are:

Student Submission - a column containing the names and assignment title for BlackBoard students in the assignment. Clicking on the name takes you to the BlackBoard user page for that student. If a student is enrolled in the Turnitin system but not enrolled in the BlackBoard system the student is listed as “Non BlackBoard Student”. If the student is subsequently enrolled in BlackBoard the submission will be linked to the student account automatically. The number of submissions made by a 
student is included in brackets. 


Date Submitted – this column of the report contains the date and time of the submission. Late submissions are color coded red. 
Similarity - this column contains a percentage indicating the overall similarity of the paper to information in the Turnitin repositories, 100% being ‘fully similar’, 0% indicating ‘no similarity’. Clicking on the Similarity % icon opens the Originality Report. 


Grade – this column contains a grade and a pencil icon for editing the grade or if GradeMark has been enabled the column indicates if GradeMark is available. A GradeMark icon shows what papers can be accessed in GradeMark. No icon will appear if a student has not submitted a paper to the assignment or if GradeMark has not been purchased for the account. If the icon is available, click on the comment icon to open a GradeMark window.


Download icon - a paper with a down arrow icon located to the right of the submission. Click on the icon to download a copy of the submission.


Delete icon - a trash bin icon located to the right of the submission. Click on the icon to delete the submission from the inbox.

Refresh Submissions - this option checks with Turnitin to see if more submissions have been entered or if new Originality Reports are available. 


Note: This may take some time if there are a large number of users enrolled.

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