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Modify Tab

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The Modify tab allows you to edit all available assignment options shown during the assignment creation process. 



There are additional options not shown during the creation process, these are:

Turnitin Tutors - click on the Modify Instructors link to add or remove instructors from your class

User Enrollment - click on the Enroll all users link to enroll all the students currently in the course to the corresponding Turnitin class

Submissions List – by default only users who have made submissions to the assignment are shown in the Submissions Inbox. If you select List students that have not made any submissions then all students enrolled on the course will be listed in the Submissions Inbox.

Auto Refresh Grades - by default the system will automatically attempt to refresh originality scores and grades, but this can be turned off if the instructor would rather do it manually. Turning on Auto Refresh Grades may cause slowdowns in assignments with many submissions

Grade format - this setting allows the instructor to select either a % score for grades (the default) or a fraction (xx/100) for the display of grades.


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