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Release Notes - BB Direct v1

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You can find the latest version of this plugin by following this link.



  • Updated UK Turnitin API Url from to



  • Added support for BB Direct 2.5 backward compatibility
  • Added Tool to DB Viewer to handle duplicate submissions
  • Updated Language files



  • Fixed issue with tabs in SP14+
  • Fix for SDP issues
  • Updated Gradecentre interaction
  • Error page is shown in course context rather than standalone page
  • Altered time display in edit parts page to match time display in summary page.
  • Added grade display option to create page
  • Added admin tool to allow users to be deleted from bb direct user table.



  • Removed unnecessary user update in submission tools links.
  • Fixed incorrect error message showing to students before an assignment starts ('All parts have been submitted to...').



  • Removed unnecessary logging from DbUser calls.



  • Fixed issue where 423 Error code was not being displayed to the user (instead just said 'null').
  • Changed Refresh Submissions link back to normal Refresh Submissions /  Added Force Refresh link to inbox.
  • Fixed issue where grades were not visible in the inbox to students even if reveal grades immediately was enabled.
  • Added section title back to proxy options in plugin config.
  • Fixed issue where changing reveal grade option did not appropriately update the associated lineitem's visibility.
  • Removed warning lists on submit page for usersWithoutEmail / usersWithoutUniqueEmail



  • Fixed a bug preventing recycling of courses.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the use of batch_id rather than course_id was preventing access to feedback files due to potentially mismatched course/batch IDs when the snapshot tool is used.
  • Added code to handle bb direct v2 date format when switching back and forth between versions
  • Added code to convert bb direct v2 API URL format when switching back and forth between versions
  • Changed TiiConfig SDP setters to check for null / blank rather than isEmpty
  • Added check for anonymous assignment when revealing grades after post date. If anonymous assignment then force refresh is called.
  • Added updated language strings for SDP
  • Disabled DIS flag for submissions to allow submission receipts to be sent.
  • Fixed force refresh tool not working
  • Fixed delete submission not resetting attempt to --
  • Changed Refresh Submission link to use force refresh tool.
  • Fixed issue where GradeMark icon was not clickable for AAEE submissions
  • Fixed issue where Similarity Score showed 0% for AAEE Submissions
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