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Blackboard Direct v2.5 Release Notes



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Fixes and Enhancements


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 15.png Users can accept our EULA when third-party cookies are disabled
  When your cookie preferences were set to Allow from current website only, users found that they couldn't dismiss our EULA acceptance window. We've reworked the mechanics of how this window is displayed so that all users can use it as intended.
font-awesome_4-7-0_mortar-board_256_0_007dff_none.png You can now modify learners as well as instructors via Blackboard Course Tools

Feature improvement! Previously, you could access modify instructors from the ‘Modify Assignment’ page, but we’ve found this feature a new home and added the ability to modify learners enrollment, too!


You can now modify fellow instructors via Course Tools from the side navigation of your course page. Look out for the Turnitin Direct - Modify Enrollment link. Here, you can enroll or unenroll any students who are currently attached to the course.


We’ve introduced this new capability to help you manage your student usage limits. Any papers submitted by students that you unenroll will enter into a read-only state.

font-awesome_4-7-0_unlink_256_0_007dff_none.png The course relink option has been retired
  We removed the access link to the Course Relink Tool in a prior release, but support still remained for the feature. With this release, the feature has now been retired.
font-awesome_4-7-0_database_256_0_007dff_none.png Continued support for previous versions of Oracle DB

In our 20180521.1.0 release, we fixed an issue where using our plugin with some versions of Oracle database would result in administrators seeing an error message when they tried to access the plugin configuration screen. We’ve revisited this issue and added further support for older versions of Oracle database.

font-awesome_4-7-0_inbox_256_0_007dff_none.png The assignment inbox will now load faster
  We’ve streamlined some of our background code, and as a result, you should find that the assignment inbox now loads faster. This will be particularly noticeable in courses with a large number of Learners.
font-awesome_4-7-0_clone_256_0_007dff_none.png Removed the possibility of duplicate submissions

We've all done it before. You open a tab and get distracted, then open the same page again in another window. Unfortunately, if you became distracted during the upload process, this confused the system and we weren’t able to identify which upload you were trying to complete. We've added an error message to notify you if the upload process has already been initiated in another window.


Note: This error message will only appear if you attempt to complete two uploads at the same time for the same assignment. If you’re a multitasker needing to upload multiple classes or different assignments at the same time, you shouldn't have any problems.




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What's new


Instructors can now create, modify, and attach a rubric or grading form during assignment setup

We've made assignment setup even easier! As an instructor, you can now attach, create or modify a rubric during assignment setup! Select the rubric icon  to launch the manager, and use the rubric drop-down menu to attach your chosen rubric or grading form.



Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.26.23.png



Students can view the rubric or grading form used to mark their work

As a student, it's helpful to see the marking criteria for your assignment in order to understand how your work will be assessed prior to submitting. You can use this rubric as a tool to structure and write your paper. If your instructor has attached a rubric or grading form to your assignment, a rubric icon  will appear in the submission inbox. Select this icon to view the rubric or grading form at any time before or after making your submission. 



Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 15.24.02.png



material-icons_3-0-1_find-replace_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Blackboard Grade Center grades can now be viewed in the submissions inbox

Have you chosen to ignore Turnitin grades, but would still like to view Blackboard grades in the submissions inbox? Now, you can! Create an assignment with the Ignore Turnitin Grades setting enabled and we'll display the Blackboard grade in the submissions inbox.



Instructor repository settings are more transparent
  We've made the Blackboard Direct v2.5 repository settings much clearer, by providing easy-to-understand, transparent language behind the Paper Repository  help icon. During assignment setup, administrators and instructors can now be completely sure that they're selecting the correct storage options for student papers. 


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 Fixes and enhancements


material-icons_3-0-1_error_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Oracle DB administrators can now successfully configure the Blackboard Direct v2.5 plugin
  We received reports that Oracle DPBadministrators were experiencing difficulty accessing the plugin configuration page in Blackboard, and were receiving the error message: 'Null or empty language code provided'. We've fixed this, and access to the configuration page is now possible.



ionicons_2-0-1_person-stalker_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Students previously enrolled as instructors can now submit

We ran into an issue where a student was unable to submit if they had previously been enrolled in the same course in an instructor role. Our system failed to identify the student as being enrolled in the class with the 'Learner' role, and displayed the error message: 'Failed to submit paper'. We're pleased to advise that we've resolved this issue.



font-awesome_4-7-0_check-square_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Instructors can now accept the EULA when submitting on behalf of a student

We had some difficulty recognizing the fact that an instructor had accepted the EULA (end user license agreement) when submitting on behalf of a student; this was a result of Turnitin using the ID of the student, rather than the ID of the instructor. This problem caused the EULA to display in an infinite loop and prevented the instructor from submitting. Instructors can now accept the EULA without issue on their next visit to Blackboard Direct v2.5.



image.png No more duplicate submit icons!

Under certain circumstances, a duplicate submit icon  appeared in the submissions inbox, which caused some confusion for our users. We've resolved this odd bug, and from here on out, users will only see one submit icon in their submissions inbox.



font-awesome_4-7-0_eye_224_0_0c78cf_none.png We've fixed the 'Reveal grades immediately' setting

While the assignment setting ‘Reveal grades immediately’ should ensure that a student can see their grade (and overall grade) as soon as it becomes available, students found that they were unable to do so, being forced to wait until the post date had passed. We've made some updates to ensure that students can access their grade as soon as it's set by their instructor, providing that the 'Reveal grades immediately' setting is enabled.



foundation-icon-fonts_2015-02-16_unlink_100_0_3f78c2_none.png All instructors can now be unenrolled, regardless of their entry type

We noticed that the Modify Instructors page encountered an error if an instructor didn't have a local entry in Blackboard. Instructors who've been deleted from the Blackboard side don't possess a local entry, as well as those who've been enrolled in Turnitin directly. This issue caused the unlink feature  - which unenrolls instructors from a class - to fail. We've managed to safely resolve this!




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 Fixes and enhancements


font-awesome_4-7-0_bug_256_0_2f78c8_none (1).png Resolved a 'Failed to persist' error when attempting to submit

Following our previous plugin update, we received reports that both students and instructors encountered a Failed to persist error message when submitting to Turnitin. We've managed to resolve this problem by adjusting some of our code. Users can now submit as expected.



ionicons_2-0-1_android-color-palette_200_0_3f78c2_none.png The Blackboard Ultra theme now displays in Blackboard as expected

Are you using an instance of Blackboard that adopts the Blackboard Ultra theme? You may have noticed some cosmetic issues, particularly odd font and icon sizes, as well as skewed positions of text and boxes. We've made some changes to our CSS to fix all of these little snags. All should appear as you'd expect it to now.


CSS is used to format the layout of a webpage and stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS allows Turnitin engineers to create a uniform look across several pages or instances of the Turnitin product.



ionicons_2-0-1_eye-disabled_200_0_3f78c2_none.png Disabled fields now not only look disabled... they are disabled!

During assignment creation and editing, some of the setting drop-down menus looked disabled but remained active. We've made a fix to disable form elements so that they can now no longer be changed in instances where they're not meant to be changed. This should ease up any confusion.




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What's new


font-awesome_4-7-0_graduation-cap_256_0_1c7ec9_none.png How we show grades within our Turnitin Direct v2.5 plugin has changed

Previously, if you were using grading schemas, we'd show you a converted value in the Turnitin Inbox. Now, in the Turnitin inbox, you will only ever see the raw numeric value given for the submission. This value will still be passed to the Blackboard grade center where you can continue to use grading schemas.


font-awesome_4-7-0_snowflake-o_256_0_2f78c8_none (1).png 2018-January-17


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What's new


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.41.33 PM.png Instant Similarity Reports for up to three resubmissions


Feedback Studio allows students to view their Similarity Report results immediately! Students can now view their initial Similarity Report, then revise and resubmit their work up to three times, without having to wait 24 hours for an updated report. After three resubmissions have been made, the 24-hour report generation wait time will be restored. Instantaneous similarity results give students the formative support they need to master paraphrasing and citation conventions efficiently.


To enable resubmissions for students, you must correctly configure the assignment settings of a new or existing Blackboard V2.5 assignment.

1. Scroll to Assignment.
2. Under Report generation speed, select Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date): After 3 resubmissions, reports generate after 24 hours.



Rubric_icon.png Genre-specific rubrics in Feedback Studio

Revision Assistant's genre-specific rubrics are now available in Feedback Studio, designed with 6th - 12th graders in mind! K-12 instructors can assign new rubrics to their assignments to help their students master the art of argumentative, narrative, informative, and analytical writing. If you're actively using Revision Assistant and Feedback Studio together, you can now promote consistency in the classroom by adopting the same rubrics.


To attach a new rubric, launch the rubric and form manager from the Blackboard V2.5 submissions inbox, or alternatively, from within Feedback Studio.



Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.30.10 PM.png K-12 QuickMark sets in Feedback Studio


QuickMarks are Turnitin's most popular feedback tool among Feedback Studio instructors! But in finding that many of our default QuickMark sets failed to address the needs of our K-12 instructors and students, we've added two new sets to the Feedback Studio collection. Our new drag-and-drop (and customizable!) comments will help instructors help their students to engage in revision, save time, and more importantly, achieve learning outcomes. Read more.


To view and edit your new QuickMarks, launch the QuickMark manager from the Blackboard Direct V2.5 submissions inbox, or alternatively, from within Feedback Studio.



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 Fixes and enhancements


font-awesome_4-7-0_bug_256_0_2f78c8_none (1).png Overall grades now appear correctly when using the schema scoring 


When an assignment was configured to use the grading schema, 'Score', a submission's overall grade in the submissions inbox appeared to multiply by 1000. For example, a grade of 44 displayed as 44000. Sadly, our instructors weren't being overly generous this time, but rather a pesky bug! Having squished this critter, scores now appear as expected.



2017 Nov 13th


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What's new


Introducing a more efficient way to find students when submitting on their behalf


Previously (and somewhat awkwardly), lists didn’t follow a logical order, making it difficult to find a specific student in a large class to submit on behalf of. We’ve made it easier with alphabetical ordering!



We now automatically detect the API URL and apply it so you don’t have to!

During configuration of the Blackboard Direct v2.5 plugin, you've previously been asked to manually select the appropriate API URL depending on your location. From version 20161223.1, we’ll do that job for you... we’ve got this!



We’ll now always recognize all modified Turnitin-supported language packs


Previously, using a modified language pack, such as ja_JP_custom, caused the plugin to default to English. We'll now recognize these modified language packs, and as long as Turnitin supports the language, we'll display it when using Turnitin services too!


Language packs are a Blackboard feature that allow you to use different languages in the user interface and help files. They can be created and modified by users.


Turnitin v2.5 now supports Blackboard Learn Saas v3300 / Learn Q4 2017


Blackboard have changed their permission requirements to be more specific. After lots of testing, Turnitin v2.5 Plugin now supports this Blackboard release!




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Fixes and enhancements


Fixed! Custom settings are now carried over into future assignments as default


Oops! if a user checked the box to Use these options as system defaults, the settings weren't saving. Now, they’ll save without issue. All fixed!



Fixed! Instructor comments will download successfully in Chrome


If you tried to download instructor comments files from the grade center using a Chrome browser, the download would fail with a messy error message. We've polished up our code to a shiny chrome finish, so you won’t encounter this problem again.



Fixed! We’ll encode filenames correctly when uploading instructor comments


While we all love a good word search puzzle, it wasn’t all that fun attempting to identify an uploaded file when they were all encoded as ????.xxx. Now, they’ll be encoded correctly at the point of upload and the filename will display correctly, too.



Fixed! We’ll now always display your language preference in Blackboard


If the Blackboard locale was set to anything other than EN-US (American English), the document viewer would still open in EN-US. You’ll now see your set language in the document viewer, providing it’s a Turnitin-supported language.



Enhanced! We now truncate long Turnitin submission titles to 60 characters


As Turnitin submission titles can be as long as 200 characters, long titles could appear a little unkempt, with the extra character length stretching the paper title box. Don't worry! You can still view the full title by hovering over it in the submission inbox and viewing its tooltip.


Tooltips appear when the cursor is positioned over an icon, image, or any other graphic. The inclusion of icon tooltips increases accessibility for users (particularly those using screen readers!).

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