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Blackboard v2.5 Release Notes Archive


Note: After installation you must configure the API URL option in the Building Block configuration page.

  • Updated API to increase performance and stability.
  • Added assignments list course tool that gives a filterable list of all Turnitin Direct assignments on a course with links to modify / delete.
  • Updated Error page to be clearer. Error code appears below error message.
  • Fixed Japanese string for originality delay warning.
  • Fixed an issue in Course Recycle where the course pkid was not being properly set for recycled grade columns.



  • Fix for simplified Chinese passing the incorrect language code

  • Error banner added to submission page as an additional indicator when submission errors occur

  • Optimised loading of Blackboard groups to address slow downs in courses with a large number of groups / users

  • Fix for incorrectly formatted time in student viewed indicator tooltip

  • Fixed formatting of submission date on the submission receipt in student view



  • Updated bulk download icons - no longer ms word icon for original format / updated download original files tooltip

  • Added missing tooltips to the assignment inbox
  • Fixed sorting on paper author / date submitted
  • Added sorting to student viewed submission column
  • Instructors will no longer see the ‘Save as system defaults’ option on the assignment creation screen
  • Fixed issue in assignment creation - date pickers where the minute field was missing the leading zero when less than 10 e.g. 11:09:00
  • Updated edit assignment parts page text to be ‘Edit Parts - Assignment Name xxx’ instead of ’Turnitin Direct Assignment’
  • Fixed formatting of submission date on the submission receipt
  • Added ability to alter the number of submission rows displayed per page in the submissions inbox



  • Fixed issue creating user when the specified user is classed as 'inactive' in Turnitin.
    • Example Error Message: 'Failed to read Turnitin API user for Turnitin user ID: 123456 with error: User not found.'



  • Fixed issue deleting submissions in assignments with greater than 10 submissions.



  • Fixed issue with readMembership where only 200 records were being returned,  which could cause the following error to be thrown: 'createApiMembership threw Exception: user_role - User already enrolled on this Class CourseSection'

  • Fixed issue where users of Google Chrome could not update assignment settings

  • Fixed issue where Content Item title was not updated when updating assignment title.



  • Spring MVC Refactor:

    • Major re-factor of core code base using the Spring framework, making it far easier to maintain and extend.

      • Speed improvements

      • Cleaner, easier to maintain

      • Better error handling / reporting

      • Improved role handling - request interceptors cleanly ensure that only a user of the appropriate role / entitlements can access certain pages.

      • JSR-303 used for validation, allowing for cleaner logic surrounding data validation


  • Support for Learn Q2 2016

  • Turnitin Helpdesk Tool added as course tool. Instructors can access self-help topics common to the integration or failing that create a support ticket using the provided form.

  • Refactored Groups loading to address issues with slow inbox loading

  • Updated method for setting config defaults using post_update_sql scripts (Supports MSSQL, Oracle, Postgresql)

  • User is now shown a digital receipt after submitting a paper, which they can print or save as PDF.

  • Error messages now contain a unique reference ID

  • Students can no longer remove feedback files added by an instructor

  • Fixed issue where a hash (#) in the course_batch_id broke the Turnitin Assignment View link

  • Fixed issue where it was possible that more than five assignment parts could be added / new parts being added when add part was followed by a refresh submissions

  • Fixed issue when refreshing submissions in an assignment with more than 500 submissions

  • Updated Language Utility to correctly take the system default language into account



  • Updated Java SOAP SDK, fixing Axis2 ClassLoader Memory Leak.

  • Updated Axis2 libraries to version 1.6.3

  • Updated HttpClient libraries to version 4.5.1 & 4.4.4

  • Bug Fix: Assignment Inbox error when submission exists in Tii assignment from unenrolled Blackboard Course User.

  • Bug Fix: User not found error on Add Instructor Page.

  • Bug Fix: Added check for Null membership id when attempting to delete membership.

  • Added resubmission delay warning, when students attempt to re-submit assignment.

  • Other UI and code refactoring improvements.

  • Modify permission check behaviour in feedback comments / files functions



  • Fixed issue with Blackboard Gradecentre due date being overwritten

  • Fixed issue with modify instructors tool when all instructors are removed.
  • Assignment title is now truncated to resolve issues with long titles during recycle.
  • Accessing create assignment in a copied course with existing Turnitin Direct assignments now redirects to the recycle tool.
  • Fixed issue with double / single quotes in Submission titles / filenames
  • Added error information to user relink tool upon failure

  • Fixed issue where grade schema setting was lost when editing assignment parts

  • Fixed issue with Modify Instructors page



  • Added enable / disable PeerMark option to Plugin config, allowing PeerMark to be enabled/disabled at the assignment level.

  • Added check for distinct submissions to overall grade calculation to handle a scenario where duplicate entries exist for a single submission.

  • Delete submission in assignment inbox now uses paper ID in order to to handle a scenario where duplicate entries exist for a single submission.

  • Updated assignment description ui to show part of the description which is expandable on click

  • Updated UK Turnitin API Url from to

  • Added ability to pull remote submissions from Turnitin to the linked assignment in Blackboard. Allows the Blackboard plugin to pull, on refresh, remote submissions made to the Turnitin web interface.

  • User locale is passed with LTI launches meaning the Document Viewer will open in the correct language.

  • Fixed broken Language Packs link.

  • Modified Date picker initialization in create page to match edit parts page.

  • Added ability to set instructor defaults during assignment creation

  • Added warning for files larger than 40MB




  •  Changes to grade display:

Removed grade display option, A student's overall grade for the assignment in the
BB Direct Submissions Inbox now reflects the selected Blackboard Grading Schema e.g.
Score / Text: 84
Letter: A+
Percentage: 70%

  • Fixed issue with Recycle Tool in Google Chrome
  • Corrected missing / incorrect data in Japanese, Arabic, Brazilian, Italian and polish language packs
  • Updated submission deletion in the assignment inbox to avoid issue where the local entry can not be removed
  • Updated submit page to handle files with no extension
  • Fixed column sorting in assignment inbox
  • Name sorting in inbox is now ordered by last name



  • Added check for description being greater than 2000 chars in assignment create / modify.
  • Removed Default Re-use option from plugin configuration page.
  • Fixed issue where needs submission flag might not be removed when all submissions were graded.
  • Added Grade Format option to assignment the creation screen.
  • Relink User tool uses current email rather than stored.



  • Added support for Blackboard Grading Scales
  • Updated grade calculation so that parts with a maximum mark of 0 are not included in the overall grade calculation.
  • Updated launch method for submission row links to address potential issues with Internet Explorer
  • Added check for uniqueEmail address to user enrollment function
  • Added visual warning to the assignment inbox for users who are determined not to be unique.
  • Added filtering / column sorting to unlink/relink tool
  • Recycle Tool: Keep Assignment Dates made a global option / moved to plugin configuration page.
  • Language now defaults to en_US if the user's custom language pack is incompatible or incorrectly configured.
  • Added check for deleted group. If a group associated with a Turnitin Assignment is deleted the group will now be automatically reset to 'No Group'
  • Fixed issue with warning string in EULA Launch
  • Added membership data to DB Dump Tool
  • Fixed potential thread-lock issue in Language Parser
  • Removed Email notification option from plugin configuration page as it no longer applies



  • Memory Leak Fixes
  • Fixed issue "Error parsing paper ID" when accessing Tii through Blackboard Direct V 2.5
  • Improvements to Unlink/Relink tool.
  • CSS Style fixes on unlink/Relink page
  • Improved exception handling on JSP pages



  • Added code to truncate large course titles on class creation.



Note: We would recommend removing the old building block prior to installation of the latest version.

  • We have identified a memory leak issue with the Blackboard Direct v2.5 plugin in the standard Axis 2 libraries which are normally shipped with Bb.For most people and for the normal running of Bb this leak doesn't seem to be an issue. The library itself is only used for Bb plugins that use SOAP. If you are seeing an issue with performance please contact us and update to the plugin on our downloads page. If you are not affected by the leak we would recommend waiting for a future release which will contain further improved memory management and bug fixes.
  • Improvements in memory usage.
  • Updated Recycle Tool to respect the location of existing assignments in copied courses. Previously recycling a copied course would place all Turnitin Direct assignments in the first Content folder discovered. Now assignments remain wherever they were created.
  • Updated XML Parser.
  • Added check for blank email address in enroll user function.
  • Fixed issue with missing comma in DB Submission insert. (Only affects Oracle DB users).
  • Error is now shown to students who access an assignment with a set Blackboard group who are not part of that group.
  • Added missing check for translated matching value to DB submission insert.
  • Fixed issue with pagination / submission inbox where submissions on subsequent pages were not clickable (e.g. Similarity report link would not launch).
  • Fixed issue where Date Submitted was not being formatted for the appropriate timezone.  Submission dates will now appear relative to the local machine accessing the submissions inbox.
  • Fixed inbox being incorrectly filtered for Blackboard group in student view, making it appear as though no submission was present. (Only affects assignments where a specific group is set for the assignment).
  • Logging Tool Page / Links removed from Admin > Turnitin Direct Tools page. Logs now written to tomcat stdout-stderr file.
  • Removed update check from plugin configuration page.
  • User Relink tool updated to use SOAP API.
  • Updated predefined API URLs to conform to SOAP API format.
  • Group filter hidden in assignments with anonymous marking enabled.
  • Removed non-blackboard code from submissions inbox. Only submissions made via Blackboard will appear in the inbox.
  • If no description is entered during assignment creation/modification, then '-' will be entered. (Only affects users of Oracle DB).
  • Removed proxy options from plugin configuration page as they do not affect SOAP API communications.
  • Set various default values in the BB Direct 2.5 schema.
  • Fixed issue where large whitespace was present in the submissions inbox.




  • Updated submission row links to use SDK
  • Added plugin version to error page.
  • Fixed issue reading pseudo value in plugin config page



  • Updated Export buttons in Assignment Inbox Summary to make use of the Java SDK
  • Added function to handle users in 'student preview mode' (functionality is blocked).
  • Removed SDP Domain option from Admin config.
  • Removed Logging option from Admin config.
  • Added check for Account ID Being null in plugin config (in case config table has not yet been populated).



  • Modified to use SDK
  • Note: Assignments created with 2.5 cannot be accessed by older versions of BB Direct


20141125.1 (BETA)

* Changed feedback files to be per assignment rather than per part, any existing feedback files that were per part will not be accessible


20140926.1 (BETA)

  • Added index to email column in ip_tii_user.
  • Clicking view link goes directly to inbox as information from the summary page has been incorporated into the inbox.
  • (Optional) All users on the course now appear in the submissions inbox, regardless of them having submitted or not.
  • Added submit button to inbox - Instructors/Users can now click the submit button in the inbox and be taken to the submit page for the selected user / assignment part
  • Sortable inbox - Columns can now be sorted
  • inbox filtering - Instant filtering via search box
  • Group filtering - Inbox has a filter tool which can be used to only display users belonging to the specified group.
  • Inbox Pagination - Inbox is paginated rather than displaying a massive list of users
  • Assign a Blackboard group to an assignment - During assignment creation instructors can associate a group (if any exist) to the Turnitin direct assignment. Once set, only users who belong to that group will appear in the submissions inbox.
  • Gradecentre updates
  • Added launcher for Rubric Manager - Allows users to access the Turnitin Rubric Manager
  • Added launcher for QuickMark Manager
  • Added launcher for PeerMark Manager
  • Added launcher for PeerMark Review
  • Added support for System-wide defaults - allows assignment settings to be saved as defaults that will be used for all future Turnitin direct assignments
  • Feedback files are now stored in the turnitin direct plugin directory rather than the ppg directory of x course.
  • Added check for Turnitin user agreement to submit page - if the user has not accepted the Turnitin user agreement it will be displayed to them.
  • Fixed issue with overallgrade display in multipart assignments - overall grade not displaying correctly unless all parts had been submitted to.
  • Streamlined several functions
  • Added config option for compact/multi-line inbox
  • Fixed issue where keep dates option was not being respected in course recycle.
  • Removed Manual Grading option (input shown when GradeMark is disabled) - now displays a link to the Document Viewer where a grade can be entered.
  • jQuery calls now use $jq to avoid conflicts
  • Submission Method selector no longer appears when a specific method has been set for the assignment.
  • Removed continuous submissions options.
  • Assignment description is now optional
  • Improvements to Admin Tools
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