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Blackboard Direct v2.5 release notes draft




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What's new


Instructors can now create, modify, and attach a rubric or grading form during assignment setup

We've made assignment setup even easier! As an instructor, you can now attach, create or modify a rubric during assignment setup! Select the rubric icon  to launch the manager, and use the rubric drop-down menu to attach your chosen rubric or grading form.



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Students can view the rubric or grading form used to mark their work

As a student, it's helpful to see the marking criteria for your assignment in order to understand how your work will be assessed prior to submitting. You can use this rubric as a tool to structure and write your paper. If your instructor has attached a rubric or grading form to your assignment, a rubric icon  will appear in the submission inbox. Select this icon to view the rubric or grading form at any time before or after making your submission. 



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material-icons_3-0-1_find-replace_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Blackboard Grade Center grades can now be viewed in the submissions inbox

Have you chosen to ignore Turnitin grades, but would still like to view Blackboard grades in the submissions inbox? Now, you can! Create an assignment with the Ignore Turnitin Grades setting enabled and we'll display the Blackboard grade in the submissions inbox.



Instructor repository settings are more transparent
  We've made the Blackboard Direct v2.5 repository settings much clearer, by providing easy-to-understand, transparent language behind the Paper Repository  help icon. During assignment setup, administrators and instructors can now be completely sure that they're selecting the correct storage options for student papers. 



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 Fixes and enhancements


material-icons_3-0-1_error_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Oracle DB administrators can now successfully configure the Blackboard Direct v2.5 plugin
  We received reports that Oracle DPBadministrators were experiencing difficulty accessing the plugin configuration page in Blackboard, and were receiving the error message: 'Null or empty language code provided'. We've fixed this, and access to the configuration page is now possible.



ionicons_2-0-1_person-stalker_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Students previously enrolled as instructors can now submit

We ran into an issue where a student was unable to submit if they had previously been enrolled in the same course in an instructor role. Our system failed to identify the student as being enrolled in the class with the 'Learner' role, and displayed the error message: 'Failed to submit paper'. We're pleased to advise that we've resolved this issue.



font-awesome_4-7-0_check-square_100_0_3f78c2_none.png Instructors can now accept the EULA when submitting on behalf of a student

We had some difficulty recognizing the fact that an instructor had accepted the EULA (end user license agreement) when submitting on behalf of a student; this was a result of Turnitin using the ID of the student, rather than the ID of the instructor. This problem caused the EULA to display in an infinite loop and prevented the instructor from submitting. Instructors can now accept the EULA without issue on their next visit to Blackboard Direct v2.5.



image.png No more duplicate submit icons!

Under certain circumstances, a duplicate submit icon  appeared in the submissions inbox, which caused some confusion for our users. We've resolved this odd bug, and from here on out, users will only see one submit icon in their submissions inbox.



font-awesome_4-7-0_eye_224_0_0c78cf_none.png We've fixed the 'Reveal grades immediately' setting

While the assignment setting ‘Reveal grades immediately’ should ensure that a student can see their grade (and overall grade) as soon as it becomes available, students found that they were unable to do so, being forced to wait until the post date had passed. We've made some updates to ensure that students can access their grade as soon as it's set by their instructor, providing that the 'Reveal grades immediately' setting is enabled.



foundation-icon-fonts_2015-02-16_unlink_100_0_3f78c2_none.png All instructors can now be unenrolled, regardless of their entry type

We noticed that the Modify Instructors page encountered an error if an instructor didn't have a local entry in Blackboard. Instructors who've been deleted from the Blackboard side don't possess a local entry, as well as those who've been enrolled in Turnitin directly. This issue caused the unlink feature  - which unenrolls instructors from a class - to fail. We've managed to safely resolve this!


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