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Creating a Turnitin Direct Assignment

Basic Settings


Enter a course and click the Content link in the sidebar. Then hover over the Assessments section and select Turnitin Direct Assignment from the list.



Note: If Edit Mode is off, you can enable it by clicking the Edit Mode button in the righthand corner of the page.



1. On the assignment creation page, enter the following:

  • an assignment name
  • an assignment description (2,000 character limit)

    Note: Only alpha-numeric characters should be used when creating an assignment title. We do not support special characters or punctuation.


2. Select the submission method for the assignment. The default is Allow Both. Allow Both will give your student's the option to choose which method they would like to use. File upload will require your students to submit a file to the assignment. Text submission will require your students to copy and paste their paper in a text box to submit their paper. 



3. Select the number of parts you want the assignment to have from the Number of Parts drop down menu. Each Turnitin assignment in the Blackboard Direct Integration can have multiple parts associated with it. The student has to submit a file to each part to complete the assignment. The default is a one part assignment



4. Enter the point value of the assignment in the Overall Grade field. The default is 100



5. Select the start date, due date, and post date for the assignment. You can also set a specific time. Students are only able to submit once the start date and time has passed. After the due date and time, students will be blocked unless late submissions are enabled. In Blackboard, the post date relates to the availability of GradeMark papers only and has no bearing on when grades are posted to the Blackboard Gradebook



Note: The Turnitin assignment due date will not carry over to the Needs Evaluation area or grade column quick information in the Blackboard Grade Centre


Exclude small matches


This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the ability to automatically exclude small matches from all Originality Reports generated within this assignment. To exclude small matches select either the Exclude by word count or Exclude by percentage options from the Exclude small matches by drop down menu.


You are able to exclude small matches from an originality report, these can be set by a specific word limit or percentage value. For example if you do not want the originality report to show matches that are under 10 words you can set it here.



Enter into the Minimum value to exclude field a numerical value that will be excluded from the Originality Report


Exclude Bibliographic Material


You can automatically choose if bibliographic material should be excluded from an Originality Report. The default setting is No. Bibliographic material can also be toggled on and off while viewing the Originality Report.


Note: You will be unable to change this setting once the first paper has be submitted 



Exclude Quoted Material


You can automatically exclude parts of an Originality Report that contain quoted material. The default setting is No. Quoted material can be toggled on and off from while viewing the Originality Report.


Note: You will be unable to change this setting once the first paper has be submitted 



Paper Repository Options


You are able to choose between two options for where papers are stored within Turnitin. No Repository and the Standard Repository. Choosing No Repository will not store the paper within the Turnitin database, making it impossible for us to look for collusion between papers. Standard Repository is the default option and will include submitted papers into the Turnitin database.




Note: If your institution has paid for a private node there will be an option to use your private repository here

Repository Sources for Originality Reports


You are able to select which of the available repository sources to compare submissions against. This option allows you to choose the sources that are relevant to you and disable ones that might not be. There are three different database search options: Check stored student papers, Check Internet, and Check Journals and Publications. 


Check stored student papers will check against our database of previously submitted student papers from institutions from around the world. Check Internet will check the student's work against our vast store of webpages, that includes a constantly updated collection of pages and archived pages. Check Journals and Publications matches papers against our database of scholarly journals and other publications.



Account Specific Options

Translated Matching


Translated Matching will identify matching content that has been translated from an English source into another lanaguge. The default setting is No


E-rater® grammar check


E-rater® Grammar Check provides you with the option to have a spelling and grammar check ran on all submissions to an assignment. When enabled student's will receive detailed grammar feedback using GradeMark automatically through the e-rater technology. Selecting Yes to enable the grammar check with expand to include customizable options for grammar check.


Note: If this option is not available then E-rater® Grammar Check has been disabled for the account. You can contact your Turnitin account administrator to enable grammar check for the account. 



Select the ETS handbook level from the drop down menu. The ETS handbooks provide students with in depth information about the grammar errors the e-rater technology finds in their paper tailored to their current level of study.


Select the dictionary used for the spelling check, UK English or US English. 



The Categories enabled by default option allows instructors to choose which categories of feedback are enabled when viewing assignment submissions in GradeMark. The default is to show the feedback for every category.


Grade Options

Reveal grades immediately


By default, grades will be shown to students once the post date for the assignment has passed. To reveal grades to students immediately after grading select, Yes from the drop-down menu.



By leaving No selected for this setting, the grade will not be revealed to the student until both the assignment's post date has passed and the assignment has been accessed after this date.

Ignore Turnitin Grades


If you enable this assignment option grades set within the Turnitin interface will not be passed back to the Gradecentre


Use GradeMark


To use GradeMark the online paperless grading tool provided by Turnitin to grade submissions select Yes from the drop-down menu.


Assignment Options

Report generation  

There are three options for generating Originality Reports for student submissions:


  • Generate reports immediately, first report is final - Originality Reports for all submissions will be generated immediately. Students cannot resubmit papers. Submissions must be deleted by the instructor to enable resubmission.


  • Generate reports immediately, reports can be overwritten until due date - Originality Reports for the initial submission by each student user to this assignment will be generated immediately. Students may resubmit as often as the student wishes until the assignment due date. Originality Reports for the second or subsequent submission will require a 24 hour delay before the Originality Report begins processing. Only the latest submission is available to the instructor or student. Previous versions are removed. Student submissions will compare against one another within the assignment on the due date and time, which may result in a change in the Originality Report similarity index and results at the due date and time. This option is typically used when students are self-reviewing and revising their submissions and able to view the Originality Report. No resubmissions after the due date and time of the assignment.


  • Generate reports On Due Date - Originality Reports will not be generated for any submission until the due date and time of the assignment. Students may resubmit as many times as needed until the due date and time without receiving reports. Resubmissions may not be made after the due date and time of the assignment.



Using Blackboard grading schema


If your institution's account is set up to allow grades to be passed back from Turnitin, you can take advantage of Blackboard's Grading Schema feature. By default, the list of schema you can choose from will include all of the schemas that have been created in Blackboard. Your choice here will change the initial configuration of the assignment's column within the grade center. 


Commonly used choices are:


  • Complete / Incomplete - A binary option that will display a green tick if a file has been submitted. 
  • Percentage -  A percentage value calculated using the maximum points allowed for the assignment. 
  • Text - The Turnitin grade will be converted into a text version of the grade. If you have not created a custom text grading schema, this will be the numeric value from Turnitin. 
  • Score - This is the numeric value from Turnitin.
  • Letter -  Using Blackboard's pre-defined categories, the Turnitin grade will be converted into a Letter grade within the grade centre. This will not be reflected within Turnitin, which will keep the original numeric grade. 



Grading Schema is a feature of Blackboard. The only interaction Turnitin has with the feature is deciding the initial column schema during account creation and passing the grade from Turnitin to the grade center. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 15.17.22.png




Allow Students to see Originality Reports


You can enable this option to allow a student to see the Originality Report generated by Turnitin. Select yes to allow a student to see the Originality Report for the assignment. the default setting is no.


Late Submission


You can enable submissions after the due date and time. To enable late submissions, use the Allow submissions after the due date option and select yes. The default setting is no. When enabled, students will be able to submit papers after the due date and time has passed as long as that student has not already submitted a paper to the assignment.


Use anonymous marking


If anonymous marking is enabled for an account the Use Anonymous Marking option will be editable within the advanced assignment options. To enable anonymous marking for an assignment select Yes from the Use Anonymous Marking drop down menu. When anonymous marking is enabled, the author’s name will be anonymous until the post date of the assignment or when an instructor chooses to reveal the author’s identity. If anonymous marking is enabled it cannot be disabled. 







Blackboard Direct enrollment limits:

  • Assignments: 10,000 papers/assignment
  • Class: 500 Assignments/class
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