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Using Groups

You can use blackboard groups to allow you to quickly view a selection of users in the Turnitin Submission Inbox. This helps to reduce the need to look up students individually or try to find specific students in a long class list. Using blackboard groups will not allow students to submit as a group.

Creating a Group in Blackboard

Creating a Group


1. Navigate to the course you would like to create the group in


2. In the side panel for your course select the Groups link



3. Select the Create button and choose how you'd like your students to be enrolled in the group. Self-enroll will allow students to add themselves using a sign up sheet. Manual enrollment will allow you to add students to a group individually. 



4. Fill in the details for your group. If you are allowing students to self-enroll you will also have to add details for the sign-up sheet. Once you are done, use the Submit button to complete your group creation. 


5. Repeat the group creation process to create as many groups as you need.

Adding Students to a Group


Once you have created your groups you need to add students to the group. Adding students to a group does not automatically enroll them in a Turnitin course. 


1. In the side panel for your course select the Groups link



2. Switch to the All Users tab using the link in the top right corner of the Groups page



3. A list of all students currently enrolled in the course will be shown. Add these to a group be selecting the students you would like to add to a group and selecting Add Multiple Users to a Group.



4. Use the drop-down list to select the group you would like to add the students to



5. Repeat the process until you've added students to all the groups you have created

View Turnitin Assignments by Group


1. Navigate to the assignment in the course you created your groups in


2. Using the drop-down list in the top right side of the submission inbox, select the group you would like to view



3. The members of the group you created will be filtered. To remove the filter select the drop-down list again and select No Group Filter.

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