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Assignment Submission Dates

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All assignment dates relating to this assignment are shown on the Summary page. From the Content link in the side bar find the assignment you would like to view and click View Assignment


The important dates for the assignment will be shown on this summary page. 



To edit these dates click on the pencil icon in the tools subsection of the summary page.


By clicking on the calendar icon the date/time selector will appear. You can use this to edit the Start, Due and Post dates.



Start Date
The Start Date defines the earliest time a student can make a submission to the assignment part.

Due Date
This is the final date by which the student should have submitted their assignment. If Late Submissions is enabled then submissions made after the due date will be marked as late.

Post Date
This is the date when marks/grades will be made available to students. If anonymous marking is enabled this is also the date when marks/grades will be shown to tutors in the Gradecentre. (They will, however, appear in the assignment’s Submissions Inbox as soon as they are graded, as the student name remains anonymous until the Post Date.)

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