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Using Blackboard Grading Schema

Grading Schema is a feature of Blackboard that you can leverage with a Turnitin assignment to create customized grades in the Blackboard Grade Center. 



Grading Schema grades are only reflected within the Grade Center. Within Turnitin, you'll only ever see the original numeric grade. 

Creating a Grading Schema



Navigate to the Blackboard Grade Center for your class. 


Using the Manage tab, select the Grading Schemas option.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.13.45.png



You'll see a list of the current Grading Schemas active on your account, select the Create Grading Schema button to create a new one. 


Give the Grading Schema a name and a description. The name you choose can be used during assignment creation to pick a grading scheme relevant to each assignment. 


You can use Grading Schemes in two different ways. 


Grades Scored Between - When a value is passed to the Grade Center, such as from a tool like Turnitin, the value in the column will change to what you enter in the Will Equal column

Grades Manually Entered as - Using what you define in the Will Equal column, you can quickly set a pre-defined value for the assignment's grade. The value will be based on the Will Calculate as column.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.38.23.png



Fill in the sections you'd like to change. Use the Insert Rows arrow to add more options. Use the Delete Row link to remove an option.


When you're done, use the Submit button to save the grading scheme. 

Changing the Grading Schema during Turnitin Direct Assignment Creation



Follow the Turnitin Direct Assignment creation process as you normally would. 


From the Assignment Options section, find the Grading Schema field. The Grading Schema field shows all of the schemas that are currently available in Blackboard. Choose the one you would like to use for this assignment. 

Grading Schema is a feature of Blackboard. The only interaction Turnitin has with the feature is deciding the initial column schema during account creation and passing the grade from Turnitin to the grade center. 


Ready to finish creating your assignment? Use the Submit button. 


Now, when you grade in Turnitin will automatically pass any grades to the Blackboard Grade Center for conversion. In Turnitin, you'll only ever see the original numeric grade.
  Don't forget that you'll be able to change the assignment at any time to change this setting. 

Changing the Grading Schema in the Blackboard Grade Center



Navigate to the Blackboard Grade Center.


Find the column you'd like to use a new Grading Schema. Use the down arrow to open the menu and select Edit Column Information.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 15.10.52.png



Using the Primary Display drop-down in the Column Information section, choose the Grading Schema you'd like to use. 


Use the Submit button to save your change. 

Changing the Grading Schema used for the assignment here won't change it in Turnitin. The setting chosen in the Grade Center will always take prominence. If you make any edits to the Turnitin Direct Assignment it will update the grade center column again. 



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