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Step 2: Configuring Turnitin LTI in Blackboard

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Sign in to Blackboard Ultra as an administrator.


Use the Admin button from the sidebar to open the Blackboard Administrator Tools.
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Find the Integrations section, select the LTI Tool Providers link


The LTI Tool Providers page shows all currently active LTI integrations. Select the Register Provider Domain link to start setting up Turnitin. 
  Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 16.02.06.png


From the Register Provider Domain page, move to the Provider Domain Status section and fill in the relevant fields. 


Provider Domain - While this can be set to any value, we'd recommend to make it easy to identify. 

Provider Domain Status - Set this to Approved

Secondary Hostnames - This field can be left blank


Move to the Default Configuration section. The information you need for this section is set when configuring your integration in Turnitin


Default Configuration - Choose Set globally

Tool Provider Key - This is your Turnitin account ID. You'll find this in your Welcome Email from Turnitin or on the Administrator Homepage within Turnitin.

Tool Provider Secret - This is the Shared Secret you created when you configured the integration within Turnitin. 

Tool Provider Custom Parameters - You can leave this field blank.


From the Institution Policies section, you'll need to change a few options.

Send User Data - This is how your data gets to Turnitin. Choose 'Send user data over any connection'.

Users Fields to Send - Tick all three options. 'Role in Course', 'Name', and 'Email Address'. These options pass the information we need to associate your users with their submissions. 

Allow Membership Service Access - Select the 'Yes' radio button


Checked everything? Use the Submit button to finish. 


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