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Step 3: Managing Placements

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Once you've set up your Turnitin LTI integration, you will be able to place it within the Blackboard Ultra interface for your Instructors to find. 



From the Administrator Tools page, navigate to the Integrations section and select the LTI Tool Providers link.


Find the Provider Domain that you previously configured, hovering over the provider domain will display an arrow icon. Use the arrow icon and select Manage Placements


On the Manage Placements page, select the Create Placement button

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 13.36.36.png



Fill in the Label, Description, and Handle fields. These can be anything you want; we'd suggest making them descriptive such as 'Turnitin LTI Placement'.



Set the Availability radio button to Yes


Change the Type radio button to Course content tool. Tick the Supports Deep Linking check box


Check the Launch in New Window check box to have your assignments load in a new window. 


Use the Browse button to select a custom icon for the Turnitin integration. 


In the Tool Provider Information section, add one of following links to the Tool Provider URL field:

For UK accounts:
For global accounts:



If you use Blackboard Ultra's new interface the option to create a Turnitin LTI assignment will appear in the Content Marketplace. 

If you use the original view with Blackboard Ultra you'll find the option to create a Turnitin LTI assignment in the Build Content drop-down in the Content tab your course. 


The Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret sections are already configured and are unable to be changed. 


You're all done! Use the Submit button to finalize your setup. Be sure to pass on our instructor guidance to help them get started with Turnitin LTI in Blackboard Ultra.


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