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Using the  Administrator  Homepage

The administrator homepage displays a list of all accounts the user has administrator access to. Most Turnitin administrators will have a single account; however, administrators at larger institutions may manage accounts for multiple locations, or accounts that contain several sub-accounts and departments.


If there are no accounts listed on the administrator homepage, please make sure to log in with the email address and password sent in your account activation email.

Changing user types


You can be an instructor as well as an administrator on any Turnitin account. To access the instructor homepage, you will need to change your user type. This will allow you to add a class, create assignments, and submit papers to Turnitin. For more information on using the system as an instructor, please click here for our Instructor User Guide.



The user type is displayed at the top right of the page. Click on the user type drop-down menu and select Instructor.



The view of Turnitin will change to the instructor homepage. You can repeat this process to change between Administrator, Instructor, and Student.


User preferences


The user preferences section of a user profile affects how information within the profile account is presented and sets defaults for commonly used functions. User preferences include:


  • default user type – determines the type of user you log in as (administrator, instructor, or student); if you would like to change user types, you can do so using the user type button.
  • default submission type – select a default submission type: file upload, bulk upload, or cut and paste
  • items per page – select the number of items you would like displayed per page
  • show page info – toggles the info messages at the top of each page on and off
  • send me e-mail updates – choose yes to receive e-mail updates from Turnitin
  • use homepage link – choose yes to create a homepage link. To set up a link, enter a link name and URL below.

Messages and announcements


To view important Turnitin messages and announcements, click on the messages link at the top of the page.


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.50.19 PM.png


Urgent notifications may appear both on the messages page and on the Turnitin user homepage. These include messages announcing scheduled downtimes.

Information and assistance


The help link on the top right corner of the page allows a user to access the Help Center. The Help Center contains searchable answers to common questions users of Turnitin ask. Within the Help Center is a link to the Turnitin Help Desk where users can send any questions or problems about Turnitin with a description of the question/problem. The Turnitin helpdesk will email you an answer to your question in a timely manner.


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.50.53 PM.png

Help center


The Help Center is an area we have created for our users to search for help or information on specific aspects of using Turnitin. Frequently updated lists of the most common questions we receive are also available.

User guides and training videos


The user guides and training videos link will redirect users to the Turnitin support page, providing downloadable versions of any of the Quick Start Guides and User Manuals for Turnitin, as well as new user videos for all user types and in depth videos for specific Turnitin products.

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