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Customizing Account Settings

To begin customizing your Turnitin account settings, click the Edit icon alongside the account you wish to edit, then click Edit account settings.


Modifying Account Settings


The account modification page allows you to change the default options set at account creation. Please use the information below to make your selections. Don't forget to click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save any changes you make to the account.


Managing Turnitin Features


Use the checkboxes to activate or deactivate the features that you'd like to allow your instructors to use. If a feature is grayed-out, it has not been purchased or activated on this account. Turnitin features include:


  • GradeMark
  • PeerMark
  • Grade book
  • Discussion boards
  • Grammar check using ETS e-rater technology
  • Translated Matching (Beta)
  • Anonymous marking

Note: The beta release of translated matching is offered in the following language versions of Turnitin: French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese and Turkish. Translated matching also works on submissions in Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Romanian.

Please return to the main menu of this administrator manual to find more guidance on the features mentioned below.



Paper Repository Options


Select one of the three options from the Paper repository options:

  • Enable instructor standard repository options:
    Chosen instructors will be able to set the assignment option to either store student papers within the standard paper repository or to not store the papers in any repository.
  • Enable instructor expanded repository options:
    Instructors will be able to set their assignment options to store student papers in the standard paper repository, in the institutional paper repository, no repository, or to allow students to choose between the standard paper repository and the institutional paper repository.


  • Submit all papers to the standard repository: 
    All student papers submitted to the account will be stored in the standard paper repository.



Viewing Options


Use the checkbox to select whether students in your account are permitted to view their assignment dates.



Allow Any File Type


Use the checkbox to make any file type submissions a default assignment setting. If you enable this setting, the default setting for new assignments within this account will be 'allow students to submit any type of file to Turnitin'. When an assignment allows submission of all file types, instructors will always be able to leave feedback on and download submitted files. Turnitin will try to generate a similarity report and make the file viewable within Turnitin depending on the type of file submitted.



External Paper View Requests


You are able to determine how requests to view papers are processed within your institution. When a paper that has been submitted to your institution matches against a paper at another institution the instructor can ask to view the matching paper. An email will be sent with this request and next steps you can take should you wish to share the paper. 


If the instructor is internal to your institution you can automatically allow them to have access to a paper that has been submitted to the account they are an instructor in. Set the Allow instructors within your institution to view full text of submissions to Enabled.

For external requests you can either allow the instructor of the original assignment to receive requests directly or specify an email address that all paper view requests will be automatically routed to. 


Note: We recommend assigning an email address that multiple people have access to, such as a shared inbox. For more information about paper view requests follow this link.  




Updating an Account


An existing account can be edited to change the account name, join password, allowed features, or the assigned account administrator/sub-administrator. 

Changes to the administrator of an account take effect immediately. The previous user is no longer able to access any administrative functions of the account unless they remain administrator of a higher level account. 


1. Click on the edit icon to the right of the account name on the administrator homepage and select Edit account settings option from the drop down menu



2. Make the changes to the account you need to. Here you can change your account name, Administrator and some default options for the account


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.43.13 PM.png


3. Click on Submit in the bottom left corner of the account modification window to save any changes made


Note: Changes made to an account will be effective immediately. New administrator users will be sent a new user welcome e-mail from Turnitin with a password. 
Note: If an existing user profile is added as an administrator or sub-administrator, they will receive a notification e-mail that they now have administrator access. These users will have access to their administrator homepage by changing user type after logging into Turnitin with the existing user profile and password.

Deleting an Account


If needed, accounts can be deleted by clicking the delete icon to the far right of the account name on the administrator homepage. Please note that by deleting an account, this will also delete all instructors joined to the account.


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.47.30 AM.png


Warning: Do not delete an institutional account unless you are certain you will not need this institutional account. Institutional accounts are created by Turnitin staff. If additional institutional accounts are needed please contact your Turnitin account representative.


Downloading the Account’s Student List


To download an excel file of the account’s active student list click on the edit icon and select the Download All Student List option from the drop down menu.


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.32.30 AM.png


The student list includes the student’s user id, first name, last name, and email address. Each active class the student is enrolled in, the instructor name and email address for each class, and the class id are also included within the exported list.

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