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Student Paper Migrations

Turnitin provides institutions with a service to bulk upload their historical student papers into Turnitin’s global student paper database for matching.


Student papers uploaded into our database are used solely for the purposes of matching, in order to detect plagiarism or instances of poor referencing. End users cannot view or request access to view any of the student papers deposited in our database through our Student Paper Migration service, and no personally identifiable information about the student is revealed. Turnitin’s use of the submitted papers does not infringe on copyrights; these are still retained by the owners.

Content Delivery Guidelines


Documents can be delivered to Turnitin via FTP using Turnitin’s FTP server or the institution’s FTP server.

  1. Push to Turnitin’s server
    •     Our FTP Information:
      •     Server address:
      •     An account will be set up for you and login credentials provided
      •     We recommend using a file manager program (e.g. Filezilla) to make the upload easier.
  2. Pull from institution’s server
    • The institution will need to provide us with their server hostname and login credentials to allow us to access the files.


Acceptable Document Formats: Acceptable document formats for upload are:  PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, or plain text. All document data must be encoded using UTF-8 character set.  The text of the document must be machine readable (i.e. not embedded in an image, scanned, encoded or encrypted).  Documents must not be password protected.


Permanence: We make no guarantees as to when we will download the data off of either our FTP server or the Institution’s, so we ask that the institutions keep the files on the server until we remove them after successful download. Files/datasets must have unique names so that they are not overwritten by new content. Many institutions choose to label their files/datasets with some sort of date or sequential numbering technique.


Deletions: In order to delete a specific paper from our database, the institution must provide Turnitin with the unique file path identical to the original file path used to upload the paper. (i.e. Identifying each file by a unique ID and title such as: 12345_file_name.docx)

Without this information, we cannot uniquely identify the paper to be deleted. Deletion requests can be made once a quarter in writing by the institution, and Turnitin will delete the paper within 30 days. 

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