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Account Statistics

.Account statistics shows a high-level overview of usage and similarity statistics for your account. For example, you are able to see the classes with the highest number of submissions for a given period and the classes that have the most submissions with feedback amongst other statistical summaries. 

Setting a Date Range


When selecting a date range, you have the option to choose from a set of predefined options or to set your own.



From the administrator homepage, click on the Stats button for the account you'd like to view.


Select the date range shown on the Account Statistics page.



Select the date range you'd like to see statistics for.


To select your own date range, pick your start and end dates from the calendar.


To select a predefined date range, pick your desired range from the options to the right of the calendar


Select Apply to set the dates.

 View the Full Report


You can download a copy of the full statistical report by selecting the Download Full Report button. 



Select the Download Full Report button.

You can choose how the data from the report will be organized. Each option will provide you the data by a different aspect of Turnitin and sorted by month. 


You are able to organize the data to be shown by:

Account - The account you are viewing

Class - Every active class during the period specified

Master Class - Includes information about each section of a master class

Instructor - Each instructor who is attached to your account

Integration - Each integration type you have active on your account


The report will begin to download in .csv format. You will be able open this in the spreadsheet application of your choice.

Submission Statistics



The Submission Statistics section shows the five classes with the most submissions that belong to your account. 

High Similarity Reports Statistics



The Similarity Statistics section shows the five classes with the largest number of submissions that received a Similarity Index greater than or equal to the High Similarity Threshold.


For example, if you set the High Similarity Threshold to 20%, the table will show the five classes that have the largest number of papers with a Similarity Index equal to or greater than that percentage. If the Media Studies class has four papers that match at 21%, 23%, and 25%, it will appear higher in the table than the English Literature class that had three papers matching at 95%, 82%, and 99%.

Submissions with Feedback Statistics



The Submissions with Feedback section shows the five classes that have given feedback to the most submissions during the selected date range.

Common Core Rubric Reports


The Common Core Rubric Reports provide detailed statistics about classes that have used Turnitin's Common Core rubrics. Statistics for the Common Core Rubric Reports are available for any six-month or less time period. For example, 1/1/12 to 6/31/12, 1/1/12 to 1/2/12, or 10/15/16 to 3/14/17. Turnitin only supports data date ranges of 1/1/12 and later.

Account Statistics Term Definitions


All statistics are reflective of active classes within the date range specified prior to the statistics report being downloaded.


The account statistics report covers active classes with a start date before or during the specified date range and an end date during or after the specified date range.

Full Report Definitions


Master Account: The source account of several sub-accounts. If there are no sub-accounts under the master account, the report’s Master Account and Account columns will hold the same name and ID. As a master account does not have a parent account, the Parent Account column will remain blank.


Parent Account: The umbrella account for multiple institutional or departmental accounts. Instructors cannot join this account directly but must be added to an institutional or departmental account. The Parent Account column will remain blank if the account is a master account.

Account: The individual Turnitin account that instructors can join and find access to Turnitin products. An account may be either a sub-account or a master account.

Month: Each month within your date range will appear in a separate row of the report. For example, if you specify January 14th to March 19th as your date range, the report will contain three rows of statistics. The first row will display statistics for 18 days into January, the second row will display statistics for all of February, and the third row will display statistics for 19 days into March.

Active Classes: The number of classes that have had any activity (submissions, marks, assignment creation, new students, etc.) within the date range specified.


Active Instructors: The number of unique instructors associated with active classes.

Submissions: The number of submissions made to active classes.

Similarity Reports: The number of Similarity Reports generated and regenerated for active classes. This is broken down by the similarity score standard ranges: blue range (0%), green range (1-24%), yellow range (25-49%), orange range (50-74%) and red range (75-100%).

Submissions with Feedback: The number of submissions that have received any form of feedback from an instructor (QuickMarks, bubble comments, voice comments, strikethrough marks, etc.).

Submissions Scored with a Rubric: The number of submissions where a rubric has been used to calculate the grade of a student’s paper.


Total Feedback (Comments and Marks): A count of all forms of feedback left within the account. Comments and marks include the following: summary text comments, voice comments, QuickMarks, bubble comments, inline text comments, ETS e-rater comments, strikethrough marks and grading form marks.


Peer Reviews Created: The number of peer reviews completed by both students and instructors.

Statistics Overview Definitions


Most High Similarity Reports: A list of the top five (or fewer) active classes with the most high-scoring Similarity Reports equal to or higher than the high similarity threshold. This count reflects all activity that triggers report generation and regeneration, including exclusions made in the document viewer and student resubmissions.


Most Submissions: A list of the top five (or fewer) active classes with the most submissions.


Most Submissions with Feedback: A list of the top five (or fewer) submissions that have received any form of feedback from an instructor (QuickMarks, bubble comments, voice comments, strikethrough marks, etc.).

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