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Making an assignment available to students

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Assignments in Blackboard Ultra are created hidden from students by default. When first setting up the assignment we'd recommend keeping the visibility option set to Hidden from students until you are ready for them to begin the assignment. Blackboard Ultra also offers the option to change the visibility options based on a specific date and time. 



From the Course Content page, select the current visibility setting. By default, this will be set to 'Hidden from students'.


Alternatively, you can select the ... Edit option and edit the visibility settings there.


Change the visibility setting to suit your needs


Visible to students - Students will be able to see the assignment and submit to it.

Hidden from students - Students are unable to see the assignment and therefore unable to submit to it. 

Show/hide on date - Allows you to specify a time and date to make the assignment visible and a date to hide it again.  



If you select Show/hide on date a new sidebar will appear. There are two options you can change that will impact when students will be able to submit. 


Ticking the Show on checkbox will allow you to chose a date and time the assignment can found by students. You can set a date and time for the assignment to be hidden again using the Hide after checkbox.

  Note: This option is different to the Turnitin start, due, and post date. You will have to change them by editing the assignments' settings. Changing the visibility setting will simply hide an already active assignment until a specified date and time. 
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