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Linking to the gradebook

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By default, LTI assignments are created without a link to the Blackboard Ultra Gradebook. Linking to the Gradebook allows the grading you do within Turnitin to be reflected within Blackboard.  You can add a Gradebook entry from the Course Content page.



Select the '...' menu icon and select Edit from the menu


The Course Content Edit side-bar will appear for the Turnitin LTI Assignment. Check the 'Create gradebook entry for this item' checkbox. The side-bar will expand giving you several new options. 
  Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.30.21.png


Select the gradebook options that make the most sense for your assignment. 


Due Date: This is different to the Turnitin Due Date. The Blackboard due date determines when grades are made available to students within the grade centre. We'd recommend setting this to be the same as the Turnitin Feedback Release Date.


Grade Using: You can choose any value here. To be closer to the experience within Turnitin we'd suggest choosing 'Points'. If you select 'Percentage' or 'Letter' the score will automatically be calculated using the grade and the Turnitin Maximum Score.


For example:

Grade within Turnitin = 115/250.

Gradebook Percentage = 44%
Gradebook Letter = F

(Points) Maximum score: This can be set to anything but we'd recommend setting it to be the same as the maximum number of points you chose for your Turnitin assignment. Points can be different in Turnitin and Blackboard. Only the grade will transfer to the grade centre.  


Category select: This makes no difference to Turnitin but will determine how the grade centre column will be configured. 



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