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Turnitin may be integrated into BrainHoney for use via LTI. The Turnitin LTI tool provides full support for the use of

OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerMark within BrainHoney.
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Installation Instructions

Admin Setup (only needed once per domain)

Turnitin, like other LTI Apps, can be installed on a BrainHoney domain:

Turnitin provides the following Tool Provider URLs: (UK USERS ONLY)  (UK USERS ONLY) (ALL OTHER USERS)

For example, non-UK users of Turnitin specify for the first name and for the second name. DO NOT include http:// or https:// in the name.

  • On the Administration page, click [Edit] to open the Edit Domain screen, then click the Customization tab
  • Beneath the securehash element (create it if it does not exist), create two secretkey elements. On the first, specify hostname.key for the name attribute. On the second, specify hostname.secret for the name attribute, substituting the Tool Provider's URL hostname for hostname.


Example using Turnitin account "12345" and the Turnitin Shared Key "myconfig":
<secretkey name="">12345</secretkey>
<secretkey name="" xmlns="uri:Agilix:DlapSensitive">myconfig</secretkey>

  • Enter the Turnitin account number as the first secretkey node value.
  • Enter the Turnitin "Shared Key" as the second secretkey node value. This Shared Key is configured by the Turnitin admin.
  • Add the attribute xmlns="uri:Agilix:DlapSensitive" to the second secretkey node. This causes the node to be encrypted when you click [OK] to save changes. When you go away and come back to this page, the second secretkey element no longer appears in plain text. It has been encrypted for security.

Adding a Turnitin assignment:

Videos and Demonstrations

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