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The Assignment Inbox

The Turnitin assignment inbox lists all of the student submissions for the assignment.


Student submissions will be listed within the Assignment Inbox. Instructors are not able to upload files on behalf of students but can resubmit on behalf of students if this assignment setting has been enabled.

Elements of the Assignment Inbox


Author: The name of the student who has submitted.


Paper Title: The title of the submitted paper.


Paper ID: The unique numeric ID number assigned to every submission made to Turnitin. The paper ID is also provided to students when submitting by file upload or copy and paste as part of the digital receipt.


Uploaded: The time and date that the student submitted the paper.


Grade: A blue pencil icon indicates that a paper is ready to be graded, but has not yet been graded. Once a paper is graded, the point value given to the paper will replace the pencil icon in the grade column. For guidance on using Turnitin's grading tools in the document viewer, click here.


% icon: The similarity score can be found in this column. Click on the similarity score to open the document viewer, where you can view the Similarity Report. For Similarity Report guidance, click here.


Response icon: The response icon indicates whether a student has or has not viewed their feedback. A grey circle indicates that the student has not yet viewed their graded paper for more than 30 seconds. A blue eye icon indicates that the student has viewed their graded paper for more than 30 seconds.


Upload icon: Resubmit on behalf of a student by clicking on this icon. This icon will be grayed out when:

  • resubmissions are not enabled; and
  • if the due date has passed and late submissions are not enabled.


Download icon: Download a copy of the student's paper in the same format as it was submitted to Turnitin.


Trash can icon: Delete the student's submission. This allows the student to submit their paper again without you having to enable resubmissions.

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