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Canvas Plagiarism Framework Release Notes

2018 August 22nd



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Fixes and enhancements



We've made Turnitin assignment settings easier to follow


We received some feedback from users that the "Store submissions in" drop-down menu appeared broken and unusable. The reality was that their administrator had opted for all submitted papers to be stored in the standard repository. This automatically disabled the drop-down menu.

Now, when a Turnitin administrator chooses this option, we'll remove the "Store submissions in" drop-down menu completely:

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2018 June 27th



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What's new


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Introducing ETS e-rater® to the Canvas Plagiarism Framework!


Pressed for time? We can help with that! Grab a snack, sit back, and relax as you watch Turnitin's grammar feedback technology automatically check your students' submissions for grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and spelling errors. ETS e-rater® provides rich, in-depth feedback with customizable on-paper marks to make the grading process even easier.

Learn more...    


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To start using ETS e-rater®, administrators must enable this on their account. Once enabled, instructors can configure e-rater® grammar check technology right from their Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment settings!


2018 April 5th


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Fixes and enhancements



No more duplicate papers after grading in Canvas SpeedGrader

  We've been working with Canvas to resolve an issue with papers duplicating in and; this followed grading within Canvas SpeedGrader. The good news is that we've fixed it! There is no bad news!




Turnitin now rejects any unsupported file or submission types


We received reports that some papers submitted to the Canvas Plagiarism Framework were stuck in a pending state; we found that this was mostly down to unsupported file types being submitted. To prevent users from seeing this pending state in future, Turnitin will immediately reject any unsupported file or submission type.

Turnitin supports the following Canvas submission types:


  • Text entry
  • File upload (this includes cloud submission e.g. Google Drive). Accepted file types for generating a Similarity Report can be found here.


Turnitin does not support the following Canvas submission types:


  • Website URL
  • Media recordings


If a submitted paper fails to generate a Similarity Report and no pending message is displayed, students should review our file requirements and resubmit with an accepted file type.




Assignments are now created with start dates before due dates


When using the course copy or import course content methods in Canvas, we’re often supplied with the due date for an assignment, but not a start date.


Due to Turnitin’s date logic/requirements, assignments failed to create when the due date was set to a past date and no start date was provided; this is because Turnitin sets the start date to today, and in Turnitin, the assignment can't be created unless the start date is before the due date.


To resolve this, we now always ensure that the assignment start date is set prior to the due date supplied to us. It's worth noting that Turnitin does not require a start and end date to produce a Similarity Report within the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. Start and end dates are controlled by Canvas.


Our guidance will soon cover the supported course copy/content import methods supported by Turnitin.


2018 March 20th


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What's new


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Set up group assignments using the Plagiarism Framework!


We're delighted to now support the setup of group assignments using the Canvas Plagiarism Framework! Students can now submit group work, where each student in a group will receive an individual similarity score. Hoorah!



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Fixes and enhancements



Start dates are aligned in both the Plagiarism Framework and Turnitin

  The start date of a Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment failed to match the start date of the same assignment inside Turnitin, with the Turnitin start date appearing to be a full day earlier than the creation date in Canvas. We've pushed a fix to ensure that Turnitin accurately displays an assignment's start date and time.



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We've removed confusing language from the app registration flow


When registering a Turnitin app via the 2.0 registration flow, we displayed a message that referred to 'external tools'. We've removed this message as it aroused confusion for our users.



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An alert is displayed when using an unsupported environment for testing


The next time you attempt to register Turnitin in a test or beta Canvas environment, you'll be alerted that Instructure/Canvas does not support this. While we encourage testing in supported environments only, you can continue testing in the current environment at your own risk. If you have any questions about testing support, please contact your Canvas representative.


For reference, Canvas does not reliably support the Canvas Plagiarism Framework in the following environments:



For guaranteed quality assurance, all testing should be carried out in the production environment only:





A multi-file submission will now process successfully


If a student submitted multiple files for a single submission, we found that the first paper managed to process just fine, but the rest sat pending or in an error state. We made a few tweaks, and now, all acceptable files will indeed process, rather than just one. Phew!

2018 February 26th


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What's new



We've introduced full support for copying a course

  News just in! Any assignments created as part of the Canvas Import course content feature will automatically copy Plagiarism Framework settings from the original assignment. This makes for a snappy turnaround when creating new assignments! Not quite sure how to do this? Take a look at Canvas guidance for importing course content.




You can now exclude small sources from the Similarity Report


It's all happening in Canvas! We've just added a setting to the Plagiarism Framework to allow for the exclusion of small sources from the Similarity Report.

During assignment setup, you now have the option to set a small source exclusion value; this value can be a number of words or a percentage. To exclude small sources, Turnitin looks at the size of a matching source and makes any necessary exclusions based on the threshold specified.




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Fixes and enhancements



Your storage repository options now populate correctly

  We noticed an issue with the options available in the Store submissions in drop-down list within the Canvas Plagiarism Framework settings. After making some backend adjustments, the drop-down list now populates with the correct options, depending on the administrator's configuration (remember that the available repository options vary based on this configuration!).
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