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Frequently asked questions


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  Configuration and setup


Can I test the integration in Canvas before enabling it for my institution?


Yes, you can test the Canvas Plagiarism Framework integration in a live course or a Canvas sandbox in your Canvas production environment.


To begin testing, your institution's Turnitin administrator must create a sub-account in their Turnitin production account via or Within this sub-account, they should edit the sub-account settings and uncheck the following boxes:

  • Online grading
  • PeerMark
  • Grade book
  • Discussion boards
  • Anonymous marking

Note: If your institution's Turnitin and Canvas administrator are not the same person, both administrators must work together to successfully integrate this sub-account into specific classes or sandboxes; the Turnitin administrator's login credentials are required to complete the integration setup. For advice or help getting started, refer to our guides or reach out to your Turnitin representative.


Does the institution administrator need to enable the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

Yes, only a Canvas administrator can enable this integration between Turnitin and Canvas. To do this, you can find instructions in our user guide.


Note: An administrator can either enable this at account level or on individual courses. This can be useful for testing the integration on a smaller scale.


Does an administrator need to be enrolled in the course as a teacher to configure Turnitin?
  No, administrators can setup assignments without being added as a teacher on a course.

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Can I continue to use Turnitin's legacy API or LTI integration after the general release of the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?


Yes, we still support both legacy API and LTI integrations after the general release of the Canvas Plagiarism Framework on May 28th, 2018. As we will eventually deprecate the legacy API integration, we intend to provide sufficient notice so that you can prepare your institution for this change.


Can I run my legacy API and/or LTI integration alongside the Canvas Plagiarism Framework in the same Canvas account?

Yes, you can run either integration alongside the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. Where the Legacy API is concerned, you have two options:


  1. Leave it enabled. You’ll be able to access past Similarity Reports in Turnitin Feedback Studio, but you will need to apply custom CSS to hide the Enable Turnitin option in the assignment creation screen. If you do not do this, this will cause some confusion in that the Enable Turnitin option will be visible when the Canvas Plagiarism Framework is already enabled! We're happy to provide this custom CSS; however, your Canvas Customer Success Representative must enable this on your Canvas account first.

  1. Disable the API. You’ll be able to see past similarity scores but you won’t be able to open Feedback Studio to view Similarity Reports in Canvas. Administrators will still be able to view papers on request using the interface.


You should also ask your Canvas Customer Success Representative about best practices for setting up your Turnitin account and sub-accounts.


If I use the Canvas Plagiarism Framework, what will happen to work previously submitted to my legacy API integration?

Work previously submitted to the legacy API integration will not be affected until you either disable or delete the legacy API.


Will any issues arise if I use both the Canvas Plagiarism Framework and legacy API and/or LTI integrations side by side?


No issues have been reported when using multiple Turnitin integrations alongside each other in Canvas;  however, we recommend testing each integration for issues before rolling them out to your institution.


Is the new Canvas Plagiarism Framework still in beta?

  No, the Canvas Plagiarism Framework is no longer in beta. However, it is still in its infancy and we’ll continue to iron out any remaining bugs or feature requests over the summer 2018 period.

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  Handling dates


How are dates handled in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?


All submission dates are controlled by the dates you set in the Canvas assignment. If a Canvas user sends us a paper to process, we’ll process it. We run our collusion check on the due date in order to check for any collusion between students within the same assignment.


Known issue: When the similarity report is regenerated on the due date, this updated score is not currently sent to Canvas; we’re working on that.


Are ‘until dates’ supported in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

  Yes, all dates that can be applied in Canvas will function the same regardless of whether Turnitin is used or not.


Will the Canvas late submission policy work with the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?
  Yes, the paper will still be processed by Turnitin and a similarity score will be returned in line with the Canvas late submission policy. If you plan to use the late submission policy feature across several courses, we recommend testing this feature first.


Can I grant individual due dates or set multiple due dates for an assignment?


Yes, you can. The Canvas Plagiarism Framework has no impact on submission dates; this is controlled on the Canvas side.

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  Handling submissions

Does the new integration handle late submissions?

  The Canvas Plagiarism Framework has no impact on submission dates; this is controlled on the Canvas side. If a student is able to submit in Canvas per the assignment settings, then Turnitin will process the paper and return a similarity score.


Does the Canvas Plagiarism Framework support discussion forums?

  This is on the Canvas roadmap and we’ll support it when it’s made available.


Does the Canvas Plagiarism Framework support essay questions in quizzes?
  Essay questions in quizzes are not supported by Canvas yet; when or if support is added, Turnitin endeavors to support it, too.


Will moving to the Canvas Framework increase the number of times a student can submit?

  The Canvas Plagiarism Framework has no impact on the number of times a student can submit; submissions and resubmission are controlled on the Canvas side.

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  Assignment settings


With the Canvas Plagiarism Framework enabled, will my assignment settings be remembered per teacher, just as they are now?

  The option to Save as default settings allows teachers to save their assignment settings for future use.


Does the Canvas Plagiarism Framework include the repository option: "Do not store the submitted papers"?


Yes, when creating an assignment, you can choose where you'd like submitted papers to be stored. You can find out more about these settings here.


Note: The options presented in assignment settings depend on the administrator configuration in or


Which Turnitin settings can I amend when creating a Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment?

When creating an assignment, you can customize a number of Turnitin settings to allow you to get the most out of each Similarity Report. You can find out more about these settings here.

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  Course copy


If I copy a course, will my Canvas Plagiarism Framework settings be preserved from the original course?

Yes! As the course copy feature is used to repurpose content, your Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment settings are preserved from the original course. You can learn more about copying a course here.


We also offer guidance on setting up a blueprint course, duplicating an assignment, and importing course content.


After copying a course containing a Turnitin LTI assignment, I was required to adjust the date of the duplicate assignment for it to reset to the current semester. Will the Canvas Plagiarism Framework work in the same way?
  No, this is not the case in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. You do not have to access a duplicate Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment for it to work correctly.

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  Feature support


Can I use PeerMark in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?
  PeerMark is not available in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. If you would like to use this feature, you should continue using your LTI integration with Turnitin.


Is the Student View feature supported?

We do not support this feature and encourage you to use it with caution. If you are looking to carry out full user acceptance testing as an administrator, you should use the Act as user option.

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  Similarity score display


What if the Similarity Report fails to generate in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

As Canvas may not immediately notify Turnitin that an assignment has been created, we advise waiting 90 seconds between creating the assignment and making the first submission. This will allow Canvas to notify us that the assignment has been created.


If you continue to encounter an issue with the Similarity Report failing to generate, you can select Resubmit to Turnitin from SpeedGrader, which forces the Similarity Report to generate.


I've experienced instances where the similarity score displayed in Canvas does not match the similarity score in Turnitin Feedback Studio. Will I encounter the same issue in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?


Known issue: Turnitin runs a similarity check on the paper submission date, then reruns the similarity check on the due date; this checks for collusion between students in the same class. If the similarity score updates after the similarity check on the due date, the new score is not sent to Canvas. We haven't been unable to resolve this issue so far, but fixing this is a priority and we’re working on it!


If multiple documents can be submitted to one assignment, how is this flagged in the Gradebook? For example, one of the submitted documents may contain extensive plagiarism.


The color and plagiarism indicator in the Gradebook refers to the results of the first document in the submission, rather than an average of the submitted work.


Can I control when my students are able to view their Similarity Report in Canvas?

Yes, you have the ability to control student Similarity Report access at assignment level. You can choose from the following options:


  • Immediately: The Similarity Report will be made available to students as soon as they make their submission in Canvas.
  • After the assignment is graded: The Similarity Report will be made available to students as soon as their assignment has been graded in Canvas.
  • After the due date: The Similarity Report will be made available to students as soon as the assignment due date passes.
  • Never: The Similarity Report will never be made available to students but will be available to instructors after submission.
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Tip: An administrator can set up one of the above Similarity Report access options as a default for their institution. This is a Canvas setting and is not part of the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. Go to Admin > Settings > Students can see the originality report, then set your preferred default.


What do students see when accessing their Similarity Report in the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

Students will be able to view their Similarity Report in Turnitin Feedback Studio, just as they could in the previous integration.


Do flags still appear in the new Canvas Gradebook features?


Yes, flags will still appear in the new Canvas Gradebook. However, the behavior of the new Gradebook is different. After selecting a flag, this will open a side panel that you should use to locate the Turnitin Similarity Report.


Should I mark papers in Turnitin Feedback Studio when using the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

We do not recommend providing feedback to students in Feedback Studio when using the Plagiarism Framewor and advise that administrators disable this option via or We are currently working closely with Canvas to ensure that grades and student feedback are sent successfully from Turnitin Feedback Studio to Canvas Gradebook. Keep an eye on our release notes for further updates.

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