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Copying a course

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Copied courses will be added to the same subaccount as the course that you plan to copy. You should use the course copy feature to repurpose content. When you copy a course, you will be added to the course as an instructor automatically. You can find more information about copying a course here.



Your institution must have the Turnitin app configured at account level to be able to copy a course. The following guidance will not work if you have Turnitin configured at course level. Your account administrator can find out how to do this here.


Select Courses from the side of any page.


Select the course that you'd like to copy.

If you need to create a course, visit guidance for creating a course, then move to guidance on creating a Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment.


Select Settings from the left-hand course menu.


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 15.40.18.png


Select  Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 15.48.20.png Copy this course from the right-hand menu.


Add details for the new course:
  • Name
  • Course code
  • Start and end date
  • Term
  • Content


Select Create course to be directed to the Current jobs list. Here, you'll see your course copy progress move to completed. 

Students can start submitting to the assignment as soon as the assignments are created in Canvas.


To check that the import has been successful, return to the newly created course.


Select the vertical ellipsis Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 14.16.12.png icon alongside your imported Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment.


Select Edit.
  Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.36.58.png


Note that the Turnitin assignment settings have been preserved from the original assignment.
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