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PeerMark Questions

Accessing PeerMark Questions


Click the PeerMark Questions tab to start adding or creating questions for your PeerMark assignment.


There are two ways to add PeerMark questions to an assignment: by adding previously used questions from the PeerMark library or by creating new PeerMark questions.


Note: PeerMark assignments do not by default include PeerMark Questions.


Adding a Free Response Question


1. Click the Add Question button



2.  Set up your question:

  • Enter your question
  • Select the Free Response question type
  • Enter a minimum answer length (minimum number of words)


3. Click Save to add the free response question to the PeerMark assignment.

Adding a Scale Question


A scale question example would be:


Question: “How well does the introduction pull you in as a reader?"
Scale size: 2
Lowest: Not very well
Highest: Really well


1. Click the Add Question button



2. Set up your question:


  • Enter your question
  • Select the Scale question type
  • Enter the scale size (2 to 5)
  • Enter the lowest and highest labels



3. Click Save to add the scale question to the PeerMark assignment.


PeerMark Libraries

Adding a Question from a PeerMark Library


1. Click Add from Library, then select the library you would like to add a question from.



2. Use the checkboxes to select the questions you would like to add, or click Toggle All to select all questions.


3. Once you've made your selection, click Add Selected Questions.


Saving Questions to a New Library


To save the questions you've created for future PeerMark assignments, you can save them to a new library.


1. Click Save to Library, then Add Library



2. Enter a new library title and click Save to Library.


Note: This will automatically save all of your PeerMark questions to your new library.


Saving Questions to an Existing Library


To save the questions you've created for future PeerMark assignments, you can save them to an already-existing library.


1. Click Save to Library, then select the library you'd like to save your questions to.


Note: This will automatically overwrite all of the PeerMark questions currently saved in this library.



2. Confirm that you are sure you'd like to overwrite the contents of the library you have selected.


Editing and Deleting Questions


Once all of the desired questions have been added to the assignment, you can edit or remove questions from the PeerMark assignment.


1. Click the red trash can icon to delete a PeerMark question.


2. Click the blue edit icon to edit a PeerMark question.



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