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Anonymous Marking

If activated for your account by your administrator, you can use anonymous marking in your assignments. Anonymous marking will mask your students' identifiable information until the due date has passed. 


Note: You can only enable anonymous marking before the assignment's start date.

Enabling Anonymous Marking


1. From your assignment inbox, click the Settings tab.


2. Click the Optional Settings link to view more assignment options.

3. Navigate to the Enable anonymous marking option. Use the radio button to select Yes.



4. Click Submit to save your new settings.


Revealing a Student's Identity


1. Once your students have started to submit to your assignment, their identifiable information will be masked.


2. If, for any reason, you need to unmask a student before the assignment end date, you can do so by clicking the 'Anonymous Marking Enabled' button, which replaces their name. 


3. You'll be prompted to add a reason for why you are unmasking the student's name. Type the reason in the box provided, then click Reveal


Note: Revealing a student's name is irreversible. Your administrator will be able to audit who revealed a student's name and see the reason given.

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