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ETS e-rater® grammar check

The e-rater® grammar feedback technology, developed by ETS, automatically checks submissions to an assignment for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors, providing in-depth feedback with on paper marks. 


Note: There is a 64,000 character limit for ETS e-rater checking. Papers in excess of this limit are not eligible to receive grammar checking.

When is e-rater® feedback released? 


e-rater® grammar and spell-check comments are automatically available to you immediately after submission.


Note: It may take up to a minute for the e-rater feedback to load onto the paper.

Accessing e-rater feedback

When viewing a paper, e-rater® technology will load the grammar and spelling marks, which may take up to a minute to appear on-screen. Select the e-rater®  mark to view its description.


For a more detailed description of the e-rater mark, select View Handbook.



Note: It may take up to a minute for the e-rater feedback to load for the paper.

Viewing instructor comments


If your instructor has provided any additional comments on an e-rater® mark, a speech bubble icon will appear next to the title of the mark.


Select the e-rater® mark to view your instructor’s additional comment.


Viewing the Turnitin writer's handbook


Both instructors and students can view the Turnitin writer's handbook to better understand the available e-rater® marks for each level of education.


Within each e-rater® mark, you'll find the View Handbook button.



Navigate freely through the handbook (don't forget to select the appropriate education level first!).


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