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Step 2: Configuring Turnitin LTI in Jenzabar

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1. Log in as a Jenzabar instructor.




2. From the top of any page within Jenzabar, click the Academics tab.





3. From the Learning Tools section, click Manage your learning tools.




4. Click Add a new learning tool.



5. To configure the Turnitin Tool, firstly enter the basic tool information, consisting of a tool name and description. 



6. Beneath the tool description box, ensure the Share this tool with other JICS members is checked.  


7. Enter your connection information.




7a.  In the Location field, enter one of the following URLs for the Turnitin paper assignment, which is based on your location: (UK users only) (All other users)


7b. Under Security, enter your Key. This is the five-digit Turnitin Account ID Number included in your Welcome to Turnitin email, and also located to the left of the Account Name in your Turnitin Administrator account

7c. Enter your Secret/Password. This is the Shared Key set by the Turnitin administrator, and is exactly 8 alphanumerical characters in length. The creation of this key is detailed in step 4 of configuring the LTI API in Turnitin.


8. Beneath the key and secret/password fields, ensure the top checkbox is selected, which will allow the key and secret to be reused for other tools in the same domain.


9. Select how you would like your tool to be displayed. If you would prefer it opens within the same window, select Show the tool within the JICS window. Alternatively, if you would like the tool to open in a new window, select Show the tool in a new pop up window, then set the height and width of the window. These fields can be left blank, however, if you'd like to use default settings.


10. Click Save changes to finish configuring the Turnitin Tool.


Once these steps are completed, you may begin using the Turnitin Tool by creating a new Jenzabar assignment. View guidance for creating a Jenzabar assignment using the Turnitin Tool for further assistance.

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