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Creating a Turnitin LTI Assignment in Jenzabar

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Once you have configured the LTI API in Turnitin and Jenzabar, you may create a new Jenzabar Assignment using the Turnitin Tool. Follow the steps below to create an assignment in Jenzabar.


1. Log in to Jenzabar as an instructor.





2. From the top of any page within Jenzabar, click the Academics tab.





3. Locate the course that you'd like to add an assignment to using one of two methods.


3a. You can use the course search tool to find a course.




3b. Alternatively, browse your course catalog.



Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.52.31 PM.png


4. Once you've located your course, from the course menu, click Coursework.



5. Click Add an Assignment.



6. Select The Basic Format assignment type from the options offered.





7. Enter general assignment information into step one.





Note: Type relates to how this assignment will be assessed. For example, you may require students to upload paper, but a student may receive extra credit for reading. You can add as many 'types' to the assignment as you wish, using the green + icon.


8. Select the Turnitin Tool from the learning tool dropdown list in step two.




9. Enter an assignment description, add instructors, and upload any relevant files to the assignment in step three.





10.  Click Save your assignment. 




11. As a faculty you must first launch the Turnitin Tool before your students can launch it. This particular action connects the assignment with Turnitin.


11a. Click the assignment name from the Assignment column.




11b. Click the More button from the top right-hand side of your assignment page.





11c. Click Launch learning tool from the More box.





11d. Once launched, you can view the Turnitin Assignment Inbox, and amend any Turnitin assignment settings.




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