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Installation and Configuration

The activity module is installed in the standard way, instructions on how to install an activity module in Moodle can be found here.
You must first unzip the plugin before it can be installed. You can use any compression software to unzip the package, such as 7-Zip.


The unzipped file will contain a folder labeled turnitintool and a read me file. In the base directory of your Moodle installation find the Mods folder. Copy the turnitintool folder into the Mods directory. You may have to restart your web server service at this point.


Note: The Turnitin plugin was not developed with support for third party plugins, therefore it cannot be guaranteed to function fully in conjunction with other assessment plugins. 

Required PHP settings 


In order for the module to work correctly you must enable support for cURL in your php.ini file. 

To do this, you need to locate the following line in your php.ini file: 






Remove the semi-colon at the start of the line to activate the php cURL extension. Once you have removed the semi-colon, the web server service will need to be restarted.  More information on cURL and more detailed instructions for installing it can be found here:

Required Moodle Setting

Within your moodle installation find a file named 'config.php', the default setting for dbpersist needs to be set to false:




Login to Moodle as the Moodle administrator, then navigate to /admin to initiate the installation/upgrade process. Once the installation has completed, select Turnitin Assignment within the Plugins | Activity modules menu.


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.43.11 PM.png

You will be prompted to edit several settings to connect your new plugin to your Turnitin account. To proceed beyond this point the Turnitin Administrator must have already configured the installation within Turnitin. Select here to view guidance on configuring your installation within Turnitin.


1. Enter the Turnitin Account ID (Required)



2. Enter the Turnitin Secret Key that was set by the Turnitin Administrator (Required)



3. Enter the Turnitin API URL. For UK only users enter and for all other users 

enter (Required)



4. Choose if you'd like to use GradeMark by using the drop down menu. If your account would like to use GradeMark select Yes. The default option for this option is No



5. Select if you would like to use Anonymous Marking. The default is No.



6. Enter a disclaimer/agreement in the text box. Student’s will have to check a box agreeing to this statement before submitting a paper (Required)



7. To stop students being sent an email that enables them to log-in to Turnitin outside of Moodle, select No. The Default is Yes.



8. Do not select Yes for the Enable Diagnostic Mode option unless asked to do so by Turnitin support. The default is No.



9.  Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen to save the information you have entered


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.45.35 PM.png

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