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Moodle Direct V1 Release Notes Archive



Release: v2017071901

Please note that this release is for beta testers of the V1 to V2 Migration Tool only.


Participants of the beta program must be using Moodle 2.7+ and have updated to the latest versions of the Moodle Direct V1 and V2 plugins (v2017071901) in order to access and begin using the Migration Tool.

If you are not a beta tester, you don't need to update your plugin on this occasion.




Release: v2017031601

  • Resolved a bug affecting assignment inbox access
  • Compatibility issues with Moodle 3.2 Boost theme
    • Resolved error message when attempting to edit an assignment
    • Fixed various user interface issues
    • Fixed a bug causing deprecation errors 


Resolved a bug affecting assignment inbox access  - If a student had two submissions for one assignment part in Turnitin, the Moodle assignment inbox would display an alert with the HTML of an error page. We resolved this by ensuring that the system only saves one submission record per student per assignment when refreshing submissions from Turnitin.


Compatibility issues with Moodle 3.2 Boost theme - As we did not previously support V1 in Moodle 3.2, users reported a difficult user experience. This release now sees us supporting V1 in Moodle 3.2.


Resolved error message when attempting to edit an assignment - Moodle 3.2 was throwing an exception error message related to MoodleQuickForm: Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: You can not call createFormElement() on the group element that was not yet added to a form. This occurred after clicking the Edit button to modify an assignment part. We have managed to fix this issue, allowing V1 users to successfully edit their assignments in 3.2.


Fixed various user interface issues - The significant difference between Moodle 3.1 and 3.2 resulted in our V1 plugin no longer matching the design of Moodle 3.2. Because of this, some of the user interface required minor correction. Moodle V1 should now appear a little less unkempt.


Fixed a bug causing deprecation errors - As the module button was deprecated, this caused error messages to appear in Moodle 3.2. To resolve this, the button has been removed and replaced with a newer editing button. The header now loads in a new theme and the user has the relevant options available with both Core and Boost themes selected.



Release: v2017012001

  • Replaced README.txt file with installation instructions to provide better guidance.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with duplicate submission rows showing in the assignment inbox, removing the potential for duplicated grades being added.




Release: v2016122101

  • Fixes:
    • Changed the language codes to correctly recognise Simplified Chinese in Moodle.
    • Pass the correct Simplified Chinese language code to Turnitin.




Release: v2016102701

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue from the previous release to do with the Moodle disclaimer setting.




Release: v2016101201

  • Changed the deprecated Events API to use the new Events 2 API.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with references to object() that would cause warnings to be displayed during debugging mode.
    • Fixed an issue where a student could submit without agreeing to the disclaimer.

Date: 2016-Mar-01
Release: v2016030101

- Supports Moodle 3.0
- Unused (pre Moodle 2.6) $module settings removed from version.php.
- Fixes:
Changed Advanced Turnitin Options form element ID to be unique.
Fixed an issue where course restoration would break if a user's e-mail address has changed and user data is included.


Date: 2015-Nov-26
Release: v2015030305

- Added a note to highlight the 24 hour Originality Report delay for resubmissions.
- Fixes:
Changed rounding for grading to use two decimal places.
Assignment dates handled correctly in course reset.
Removed undefined variable notice in inbox footer when debugging is enabled.


Tested against Moodle 2.6-2.9

Date:       2015-Sept-28
Release:    v2015030304

- Repository moved to Turnitin account in github:
- Fixes:
    - Completion lib not included in Moodle 1.9.
    - Upload limits reworked to not show unlimited for students when uploading.
    - Warning when bulk downloading removed.

Date:       2015-Aug-18
Release:    v2015030303

- Support for Moodle 2.9 including rewriting of submission workflow.
- API URL changed for UK accounts.
- Fixes:
    - Due date change no longer causes calendar event error.
    - Missing institutional check field added to Moodle database.


Date: 2015-Jun-30
Release: v2015030302

- Increase submission limit to Turnitin to 40Mb for newly created classes.
- Updated Catalan language pack.
- Log entry added for Assignment Resubmission.
- Categories link added to inbox bread crumb.
- Requirement paths consolidated.
- Fixes:
    - Bug with events table insertion in 2.5.
    - Plugin now works with PHP 5.6.6.
    - Sorting by submitted date in submission inbox.
    - Styles link corrected on index.php.
    - Settings warning notice due to jquery inclusion no longer appears.
    - jQuery require function in settings.
    - Include jQuery in page header on unlink users page.
    - Modulename lang string now a fixed value rather than relying on other string value.


Date: 2015-Mar-04
Release: v2015030301
- Fixes:

> Instructors can enrol all students

> Student issues with submission


Date: 2014-Oct-31
Release: v2014103101
- Added Czech language pack.


Date: 2014-Sept-08
Release: v2013111404
- Fixes:
> Removed incorrect XML in install.xml
> Changed jQuery include method to use Moodle jQuery where possible
> 'Anonymous marking enabled' button is disabled if submission was not successful
> Assignment type is required when creating an assignment, cannot be set to blank
> Changed logging to use Moodle events where available
> Fixed many depricated function warnings since the Moodle 2.7 release
> Changed suggested API URL to
> Added default value for $params in turnitintool_delete_records_select

Date: 2014-Apr-04
Release: v2013111403
- Anonymous marking option is locked once a submission is made to any assignment part
- Upgraded jQuery to 1.11.0
- Added cURL CA cert link to INSTALL.html
- Fixes:
> Improved appearance of errors that appear during refresh submissions
> Inbox sort on date now works with UK date format dd/mm/yy as well as mm/dd/yy
> Fix for generic API errors being returned when using non-English language
> Non-OR capable submissions now show "--" for similarity in assignment inbox
rather than "0%"
> Added file check to identify submissions that are missing from disk/corrupt in
Moodle and remove the associated submission

Date: 2014-Feb-26
Release: v2013111402
- Fixes for apostrophes in Moodle 1.9

Date: 2013-Nov-14
Release: v2013111401
- In anonymous marking assignments, inbox displays in part view until all
parts have passed the post date.
- Namespaced Turnitin JavaScript to avoid overwriting by other jQuery includes
- Polish and Russian strings added to language packs
- Help icons added for Turnitin advanced options
- Resubmission is now possible when reports generated on due date
- Fixes:
> Submission inbox catches errors, no longer refreshes indefinitely
> Refresh inbox row button now updates gradebook
> Various fixes to SQL queries for different database types
> Fixed default grade score
> Fixed error when writing to logs

Date: 2012-Dec-04
Release: v2012120401
- Refactored Submission inbox views, jQuery filtering implemented to reduce database requests
- Refactored 'Enroll All Students' and 'Refresh Submissions' to use ajax
- Optimised database queries on inbox views and refresh submissions calls
- Added more granular logging, now logging submission add and delete, assignment add, delete and update
- Added a submission event handler (for Moodle 2+ only)

Date: 2012-Nov-04
Release: v2012110401
- Moodle Direct now requires PHP 5.0 server environments and above
- Added performance improvements, specifically in-box refresh on large assignments
- Added time-zone synchronisation improvements

Date: 2012-Sept-24
Release: v2012092401
- Added support for Translated Matching
- Update icons with current Turnitin icons, update icons to allow multi version support
- Added a config level mod_turnitintool component file browser when using Moodle 2.0+ for mod_turnitintool
- Re-factored Unlink / Relink users page to paginate user data and reduce memory usage

Date: 2011-Aug-18
Release: v2011081801
- Refactored Back up and restore to allow duplication of TII classes and assignments
- Added erater / ETS support
- Added additional email notification options in the admin config screen

Date: 2011-July-29
Release: v2011072901
- Added support Bulk Download of Submissions in PDF and Original format
- Added feature to download grade report XLS spreadsheet
- Added Multi tutor management screen

Date: 2010-Nov-19
Release: v2010111901
- Added support for Moodle groups

Date: 2010-Oct-26
Release: v2010102601
- Added pagination to the inbox
- Updated database fields and tables for Oracle support
- Added exclude small matches global assignment setting
- Added support for multi language api calls
- Added French (fr) language string file
- Fixes:
> Fixed issue where non enrolled students were not displayed in the tutor inbox view
> Fixed issue where user's resubmissions where incorrectly tagged as anonymous
> Fixed issue with incorrect / incomplete ordering of anonymous inbox

Date: 2010-Sept-01
Release: v2010090101
- Added various changes to add compatibility for Moodle 2.0
> Refactored table output to support both Moodle 1.9 - 2.0
> Updated language pack, incorporated help into standard language strings
> Updated Javascript and CSS file functionality
> Added Moodle 2.0 Back Up and Restore
> Changed file storage to use Moodle 2.0 file storage where available
> Moved images to 'pix' directory instead of 'images'
- Added Backup and Restore for Moodle 1.9

Date: 2010-June-19
Release: v2010061901
- Added additional diagnostic logging
- Added Authenticated Proxy support

Date: 2010-June-12
Release: v2010061201
- Refactored Inbox SQL queries

Date: 2010-June-02
Release: v2010060201
- Added support for UTF-8 intepretation of API return data

Date: 2010-April-23

Release: v2010042301

- Removed redundant assignment synching cron functionality

- Now allows resubmission to the same paper ID

Date: 2010-April-06

Release: v2010040601

- Provides seamless integration into Turnitin using Moodle workflow

- Uses an activity module so that we can update Turnitin independently of Moodle

- Uses real Turnitin accounts to allow users to log directly in to Turnitin (should they need to)

- Uses a 'pull' approach to information and has no 'call-backs' to the local VLE

- Will run behind a fire wall

- Will handle multi-part assignments (one assignment many files)

- Sends GradeMark marking information to the Moodle GradeBook

- Grades are not released until the due date

- Course recycle will correctly copy forward Turnitin information

- Tutors can load work on behalf of students

- Turnitin classes can only have one owner. The class owner is set to the person that created the course in Moodle. Only the class owner will be able to see the assignments when logging in to Native Turnitin. However you can change the class owner from within Moodle if you are an instructor.

- Current Limitations

- Does not support Oracle as the Moodle database

- Will not update information changed in Turnitin by users in native Turnitin

- Will not work with assignments created under the framed-in API

- No support for revision assignment, master classes, GradeMark analytics, translations, Zip file upload, PeerMark, QuickSubmit

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