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The Moodle Direct Code Package

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The Turnitin administrator must first configure the Moodle integration before the code packages can be installed. The Turnitin account administrator should log into their Turnitin account at


1. Log in as the Turnitin account administrator on the Turnitin homepage



2. Click on the integrations button for the account. If purchased the 'Unconfigured' button will appear under the integrations column. If an integration has already been configured click on the 'Configured' button and skip to step 6.


If the integration has not been configured click on the 'Unconfigured' button



3. Click on Moodle Direct to open up the configuration page. Unconfigured platforms will have an unlit status button. An orange status button indicates a partially configured integration. A green status button indicates a fully configured integration



4. Fill out the three required fields: 

  • create a shared key containing 8 alphanumerical characters
  • your institution’s IP Address or default IP address:
  • an error callback URL or the default url:



5. Click Save to finalize the Moodle Direct configuration.



6. Once the integration has been configured you can download the latest version of the code package by clicking on this link


Note: Moodle Direct Version 2 only works with Moodle versions 2.3.11 to 2.9.2

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