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Migrating V1 Courses to V2

The Turnitin Migration Tool migrates Turnitin assignments created in Moodle Direct V1 to Moodle Direct V2, including their respective submissions.

Before you can begin migrating courses from V1 to V2, you must enable Moodle's maintenance mode. By enabling this, the Moodle Migration Tool will activate within Turnitin Assignment 2 settings, allowing you to start your migration.


The Moodle Migration Tool only supports Moodle’s plugin V1 version 2012120401 or above. If your plugin is a previous version to this update, you must update your Moodle plugin before you can migrate your courses.

Enabling and Disabling Maintenance Mode


1.  Select Site administration from the Administration menu box.



2. Click Server from the Site administration drop-down menu.



3. Click Maintenance mode from the Server drop-down list.

4a. To enable maintenance mode, from the maintenance mode page, simply select Enable from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to begin migrating courses.
4b. To disable maintenance mode, return to the maintenance mode page, outlined in steps 1-3. Select Disable from the drop-down menu. You can also disable maintenance mode by clicking In maintenance mode from the top-right hand corner of any Moodle page; this will direct you to the maintenance mode page.
5. Click Save changes.

Using the Turnitin Migration Tool


1. Select Site administration from the Administration menu box.



2. Click Plugins from the Site administration drop-down menu.



3. Click Activity modules from the Plugins drop-down list.



4. From the Activity modules drop-down list, click Turnitin Assignment 2.



4. The Turnitin Migration Tool will list any settings in your V1 and V2 plugin settings that are not currently aligned. We encourage users to align all settings before proceeding with their migration. The following settings that may differ from V1 to V2 are as follows:


  • Account ID
  • Secret Key
  • Use Grademark
  • Use E-Rater
  • Use Anonymous marking
  • Use Translated matching
  • Enable institutional repository
  • Turnitin Agreement
  • Enable Student Privacy

5. Please ensure you have backed up existing courses that include V1 assignments. Click here for guidance on backing up a course.  Should there be any issues with your migration, click here to find guidance on restoring a course from backup.


6. Select the checkbox to confirm that you have completed the backup.



7. To begin, you must perform a trial migration to ensure the correct courses will be migrated from V1 to V2. Click the Trial Migration button.



Note: Courses including a mix of V1 and V2 assignments will not be migrated, as this would result in a course being mapped to Turnitin multiple times. Therefore, the trial migration will provide a summary, listing all of your courses and whether or not they can be migrated.


8. Review the courses that can and cannot be migrated. Red courses cannot be migrated while green courses can be migrated.




9a. If you are happy with the results of the trial migration, scroll down and click the Begin Migration button.



9b. Otherwise, click the Export Migration Output button to export a CSV file, listing all courses included in the migration, with their Turnitin course IDs, as well as their migration status. If a migration was not possible, the reason for this will also be detailed.



Note: For further assistance with unsuccessful course migration, please raise a support ticket via the Turnitin helpdesk tool.


Note: After migration, your V1 assignments will still be visible in Moodle. However, they will be greyed out, showing (V1) alongside it to help with differentiation.


10.  Once you have completed the course migration, you must disable maintenance mode before logging out of Moodle.


Warning: Logging out of Moodle with maintenance mode enabled will cause issues logging back into Moodle for both yourself and your instructors. Should you forget to log out without disabling maintenance mode, simply add /login to the end of your usual Moodle URL, which will allow you to log in and disable maintenance mode.

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