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Activating the migration tool in beta

To display the Moodle Migration Tool in your Moodle environment, please ensure the following:


1. You are enrolled in the Moodle Migration Tool beta program

2. You are using Moodle 2.7+

3. You have downloaded and installed the latest plugins: Moodle Direct V1 and Moodle Direct V2

4. You've clicked on the activation URL in your beta email
5. You have activated the migration tool via the Enable Migration Tool Settings button, directing you to the Moodle Migration Tool.


If you haven't received an activation email, and have signed up to the beta program, please contact

Activation of the Moodle Migration Tool is irreversible. If you decide against migrating V1 assignments to V2, you can disable the tool by following the guidance below.

Already have a Moodle development site?


If you already have access to a Moodle test instance with Moodle Direct V1 configured, you can test the Moodle Migration Tool without the need for a sandbox account.Testing the migration tool in this environment will not affect the assignments in your live site, as the migration tool will only make changes to the Moodle database; it is not directly connected to Turnitin.  

Using a Turnitin sandbox account?


If you prefer to use a Turnitin sandbox account, we recommend that this is used alongside a new Moodle site (containing no existing Turnitin assignments). In this instance, you must create new V1 assignments and make test submissions.

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