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Enabling ETS eRater®

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ETS e-rater® technology provides instant grammar feedback to your students. It can be used to provide your students with immediate feedback before you've even had a chance to open up their assignment. It's often used with resubmissions to allow students feedback they can take action on before their final hand-in date. 



Can't see the options detailed in this guide? Your Administrator may need to enable ETS e-rater® for your institution first.


Start to create a Moodle V2 Assignment as you usually would


When you get to the GradeMark Options section, you can enable ETS e-rater® for the assignment. 

Once enabled by your administrator, you will be able to enable ETS e-rater® on any new assignment you create. Previously created assignments will have to be recreated to take advantage of the feature. 


Change Enable e-rater grammar check to Yes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 16.42.26.png


The other options you can modify include, changing the ETS Handbook and choosing categories of feedback to highlight for your students. 


When you've finished setting up the rest of your assignment use the Save and return to course button.


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