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Submission Inbox

Instructors can access the Turnitin submission inbox to make amendments to their assignment settings, export files, access the rubric and QuickMark managers, as well as submit on behalf of students, delete papers, and view Originality Reports for submitted papers.


The submission inbox displays a list of the students enrolled in the course and a summary of the originality scores associated with their submissions.

The Submission Inbox



A column containing the names for Moodle students in the assignment. Clicking on the name takes you to the Moodle user page for that student. If a student is enrolled in the Turnitin system but not enrolled in the Moodle system the student is listed as “Non Moodle Student”. If the student is subsequently enrolled in Moodle the submission will be linked to the student account automatically. The number of submissions made by a student is included in brackets.


If anonymous marking is enabled for the account the student's name will appear as 'Anonymous Marking Enabled'. Once the student has submitted to the assignment clicking on this will allow you to remove the student's anonymity. You will be prompted to input a reason to release the student's information. Anonymous marking is revealed on an Assignment Part level. 

Submission Title A column containing the submission’s title.
Turnitin Paper ID

This column of the report contains the paper id of the submission.

Submitted This column of the report contains the date and time of the submission. Late submissions are color coded red. 

This column contains a percentage indicating the overall similarity of the paper to information in the Turnitin repositories, 100% being ‘fully similar’, 0% indicating ‘no similarity’. Clicking on the Similarity % icon opens the Originality Report.



This column either contains a grade and a pencil icon for editing the grade or if GradeMark has been enabled the column indicates if GradeMark is available. A pencil icon shows what papers can be accessed in GradeMark. No icon will appear if a student has not submitted a paper to the assignment or if GradeMark has not been purchased for the account. If the icon is available, click on the pencil icon to open a GradeMark window. For further guidance on using the GradeMark service, click here.




A trash bin icon located to the right of the submission. Click on the icon to delete the submission from the inbox.



Refresh Submissions

This option checks with Turnitin to see if more submissions have been entered or if new Originality Reports are available.







Notifying Non-Submitters


Turnitin's non-submitter notification feature gives you the ability to contact students who have not yet submitted to an assignment. You can send a reminder at any time during the submission process - including once the post date has passed.


1. Navigate to the Submission Inbox for the class you would like to send a notification to.


2. Click Notify Non-Submitters from the Submission Inbox.



3. Enter a subject line and message for the notification and click Send email to distribute the message to all students who have not yet submitted.



Assignment Submission Dates


All assignment dates are contained within the Submission Inbox for the Turnitin Assignment 2. The due date will default to a week after the date the assignment was created.


1. To change any of the assignment dates click on the pencil icon to the right of the date.




2. Use the drop-down menus to change the date and times for the Start Date, Due Date, or the Post Date. You may also change the assignment part name and the assignment point value. Once you have finished editing the dates click elsewhere on the screen to save your changes.


Start Date -The start date defines the earliest time a student can make a submission to the assignment part.

Due Date -This is the final date by which the student should have submitted their assignment. If you are allowing late submissions, the submissions will be marked as late after this date.

Post Date - This is the date when marks/grades will be released to students. If anonymous marking is turned on (UK only) this is also the date when marks will be released to students.

Downloading Files from the Submission Inbox


Instructors can download an assignment’s submissions one by one or in bulk. Submissions can be downloaded in their original file type or in PDF format, and GradeMark files can be exported as a PDF format. A similarity overview for all students can also be downloaded as an Excel file. After the download is initiated the downloadable file is located in the Messages Inbox.

Downloading a Single Submission


To download an individual file from the submission inbox, submitted by one particular student, simply click the download icon alongside their submission. This will initiate an automatic download in your browser.


Downloading All Papers as a Zip File


From the top of the submission inbox you may download a selection of files.


1. To download the assignment’s submissions in PDF format, click the PDF icon.


2. Alternatively, you can download the file in its original format by clicking the blank paper icon.


3. Finally, you may download collated results from all Similarity Reports, generated from student submissions, by clicking the Excel icon.


Downloading Selected Files as a Zip File


To download selected papers in their original formats or GradeMark PDF files, simply select the files within the submission list by clicking the checkbox next to the relevant submission.



1a. Click the checkbox beside each of the submissions you would like to download.


1b. Alternatively, you can bulk download all submissions by clicking the checkbox to the left of the Student header. This will automatically select all submissions.




2. Click the Download button that appears towards the middle of the submission inbox.




3a. Click Original Files to download the submission(s) in the original format. This will download as a .zip file. A modal may appear, indicating that your download is being prepared.


3b. Alternatively, download the GradeMark files for an assignment by clicking Selected GradeMark Files. This is a .zip file of all selected student submissions, containing all of marks and comments that you may have added to the paper. A modal may appear, indicating that your download is being prepared.



Note: The process of compiling GradeMark files can take time, depending on the amount of files that will be processed. You can close the window at any time, allowing the files to process in the background. Once files are ready to download, you will receive a message in your Moodle Inbox. Open this message to download your files. 


Within the Moodle message, you will find two files: A manifest, containing all a log of files that have been processed for download and any errors that may have occurred, and a download link to a zip file, containing your requested files.

Managing Rubrics


You can manage the rubric that was attached during class creation or add a new one by clicking on the Rubric Manager icon from within the Submission Inbox. You are also able to make these changes from within Feedback Studio, if enabled for your account, using the new interface. 

From the Submission Inbox


1. Navigate to the Submission Inbox  for that class you'd like to change


2. Select the Rubric Manager icon.



3. Use the Turnitin Classic guidance to make your changes. You can find this guidance here.


From within Turnitin Feedback Studio


1. Open a paper from the class you'd like to change and select the Rubric icon from the navigation menu


2. Select the gear icon from within the side panel that opens.


3. Use the Turnitin Feedback Studio guidance to make your changes. You can find this guidance here.

Turnitin Students Tab


1. From Turnitin Assignment 2, click the Turnitin Students tabto begin enrolling all of the Moodle students for the course in your Turnitin Assignment 2. From this page, you can also view all enrolled students in Turnitin Assignment 2.


2. You can perform three actions from the Turnitin students page:


  • Click the Enroll All Students link to enroll all course students to this assignment.
  • Click an enrolled student's name to view their details.
  • Click the trash can icon to the left of a student's name to remove them from this assignment. 



Note: This enrollment only affects users that also access Turnitin directly (through or Clicking on this button enrolls all students from this Moodle class in Turnitin in one go. You do not normally need to select this option, as students are enrolled in Turnitin as required for the purposes of submission.

Turnitin Tutors Tab


Within Turnitin, a class created via Moodle Direct can be managed by multiple instructors. Moodle allows multiple instructors to work on a class and the Turnitin integration supports this ability. By clicking on the Turnitin Tutors tab for the assignment (only instructors can do this), instructors are redirected to a screen that provides the ability to add and remove any currently enrolled Moodle Teacher as a tutor of a Turnitin Assignment 2.


 1. From Turnitin Assignment 2, click the Turnitin Tutors tabto enroll Moodle instructors onto your Turnitin Assignment 2. From this page, you can also view all enrolled tutors in Turnitin Assignment 2.



2. You can perform three actions from the Turnitin instructors page:


  • Expand the Add a Turnitin Tutor section, select a tutor from the dropdown list, and click Add Turnitin Tutor.
  • Click an enrolled tutor' name to view their details.
  • Click the trash can icon to the left of a tutor's name to remove them from this assignment. 



Note: This setting has no effect within Moodle itself and only controls who can see the class within Turnitin. You must log in to Turnitin to see this change. For the majority of cases, you will never need to change this setting or log into Turnitin. In a future release of Turnitin, multiple instructors will be supported, and this setting will be removed from the integration.

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