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Using PeerMark Assignments

Instructors can add PeerMark assignments to assignment parts within a Turnitin assignment.

Once a Turnitin assignment is created a PeerMark assignment can be added to an assignment part.

To add a PeerMark assignment to a Turnitin assignment part click on the PeerMark assignment button within the Submission inbox.



The PeerMark creation screen will load.


PeerMark Assignment Creation


To create a PeerMark assignment click on the green + icon tab.



PeerMark assignments will default the start date to a day after the assignment part due date and requires students to complete a single review.

PeerMark assignment settings can be adjusted by clicking on the PeerMark assignment name.



There are three different aspects of a PeerMark assignment that can be adjusted:the PeerMark assignment options, the PeerMark Questions assigned to students,and the PeerMark paper distribution options.

PeerMark Assignment Settings


1. Click on the title of the PeerMark assignment to open the PeerMark assignment settings



2. Enter a new title if desired



3. (Optional) Enter a Point value



4. (Optional) Enter instructions for the PeerMark assignment



5. Adjust any of the assignment dates by clicking on the calendar icon



6. Click on the Additional Settings link to view the advanced PeerMark assignment settings. Please view the additional 
PeerMark assignment settings section for more information about these options.


6a. (Optional) - The additional settings contains the Distritbution of Papers option which allows the instructor to adjust the number of reviews students are assigned within the PeerMark assignment.




7. Click the Save and Continue button to save the PeerMark assignment settings and continue to step 2 of PeerMark assignment creation

PeerMark Questions


After clicking on the Save and Continue button when saving the PeerMark assignment options the page loads the PeerMark Questions tab.

PeerMark assignments do not by default include PeerMark Questions.

There are two ways to add PeerMark scale or free response questions to an assignment by either: adding previously used questions from the PeerMark library or creating new PeerMark questions.


Creating a free response question in PeerMark creation


1. Click on the Add Question button



2. Enter the question in the Question field



3. Enter the minimum answer length



4. Click Save to add the free response question to the PeerMark assignment


Creating a scale question in PeerMark creation


1. Click on the Add Question button and select Scale



2. Enter the question in the Question field



3. Select Scale from the Question type drop down



4. Select the scale size. The highest scale value is 5



5. Enter in the labels for the scale in the appropriate fields. An example for labelling the scale question: “How well does the introduction set up the Thesis of the paper?” would be Lowest: Not very well to Highest: Extremely well



6. Click Save to add the scale question to the PeerMark assignment


Adding a question from a PeerMark library


1. Click on the Library Settings link



2. Click Add from Library and then select the library you want to add questions from



3. Select the questions from the library that you would like to add to the PeerMark assignment by clicking in the check box next to each question



4. Click on the Add Selected Questions button to add the questions to your PeerMark assignment



Once all of the desired questions have been added to the assignment instructors can edit or remove questions from the PeerMark assignment.

To remove a question, click on the red trash can icon.


To edit a question click on the blue icon to the right of the question in the PeerMark questions list.


Distribution (Optional)


If desired instructors can assign students to review another student’s paper within the Distribution options tab.

To access the Distribution page click on the Distribution tab.



To remove a student from the PeerMark assignment click on the “-” icon to the right of the student’s name.



To force a student to review another student’s paper click on the + icon and select a student from the list. 


Saving/Closing the PeerMark Assignment Creation Window


Click outside of the PeerMark creation window to save the assignment and close the window.



When creating a PeerMark assignment the instructor may select to view and change any of the advanced assignment options in Step 1 of PeerMark creation. To view the advanced assignment options click on the Additional Settings link located below the assignment dates.


Additional Settings:


  • Award full points if review is written
  • Allow students to view author and reviewer names
  • Allow students without a paper to review
  • Allow submitters to read all papers after Start date
  • Allow students to read ALL papers and ALL reviews after Feedback Release Date

Distribution of Papers

The Distribution of Papers option provides instructors with the ability to assign additional reviews to students for the PeerMark assignment. Reviews can be assigned as automatically distributed or allow a student’s choice of papers to review. Additionally, instructors can require students to complete a self-review.


Viewing the PeerMark Assignment Inbox


Once the PeerMark start date has passed students have the ability to write reviews assigned to them within the PeerMark assignment.

Instructors have the ability to view the student reviews or write instructor reviews for the PeerMark assignment.

To view student reviews click on the PeerMark reviews list icon.



Click on the PeerMark assignment to view the student review list for that assignment.



The PeerMark reviews page lists all of the students within the course and displays the number of reviews received or submitted.



To view the reviews written for a student’s paper click on the # icon within the Received column.



The completed reviews are listed on this page. Click on the reviewers row to view the completed review.



Click on the reviews tab to return to the PeerMark reviews page.


Writing Instructor PeerMark Reviews


Click on the blue icon in the PeerMark reviews page to write an instructor review for the student’s paper.


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